5 Herbs Used As Natural Cures

5 Herbs Used As Natural Cures

The Cherokee Indians believed that everything we needed was provided for us by our god, the creator. The herbs used in it have the power to cure any disease. For centuries, Indians employed these plants and herbs as natural healers. Learn about the types of them and their effects on the human body in general.


1. Peppermint

Peppermint tea nurses the abdomen issues. Besides, the Indians broke the leaves and applied them to relieve the pain and itching. Moreover, it is also beneficial for allergies, exhaustion, and sickness.


2. Curly Dock

This curly dock is utilized for cooking because its sources are rich with minerals and vitamins. Its leaves are rich with iron, and they have diuretic effects.  Furthermore, the crushed roots, combined with warm water applied an antiseptic.


3. Blackberry

The blackberries are excessive in antioxidants which boost the immunity and improve the health of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, they used it for abdomen problems. Besides, they chewed the leaves in the mouth to soothe irritated gums. In addition, blackberry tea was used to lessen ankle swelling.


4. Cattail

Cattail is easy to boil, and it is assumed that eating it some diseases can be prevented or the process of curing will be enhanced.


5. Yarrow

Yarrow was used for skin injuries. They utilized freshly broken leaves on an open cut to decrease the bleeding and guard it against infection. Besides, the tea made of this plant assists the metabolism and kidney issues.

The amazing cure effects of these hers is well known these days. It is unsure why their usage has dropped significantly, still it worth to try some of them.


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