10 Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories

10 Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories

We all know how important it is to stay in shape. It improves your appearance, boosts your self-esteem, and is excellent for your longevity and health. However, many people find the thought of working out at the gym every day to be rather daunting. The truth is, though, that exercising doesn't have to involve going to the gym for two hours every day. There's no need for you to exert that much effort. As a matter of fact, there are numerous exercises that burn 100 calories in a short amount of time.


1. Walking

This is honestly the easiest thing you can do, it doesn’t even feel like a workout. You could be having a leisurely walk in the park, paying a visit to your family or friends who live a few blocks away, going to the store and back. If you live close to your work you could just walk to work. Either way, just 20 minutes of walking burns around 100 calories. And if you’re walking uphill, you’ll burn that in half the time.

2. Swimming

Swimming is fun, most of us look forward to going on the summer vacation just so that we can swim in the sea for hours. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, or you have a public pool nearby, either way just 15 minutes of leisurely swimming burns 100 calories, and if you’re more of a fast front crawl swimmer – you’ll burn that in 7 minutes flat.

3. Cycling

You could do some biking at the gym, or you can take your bike (or rent a city bike) and explore the city. Just 15 minutes of leisurely cycling is enough to burn 100 calories, but we’re pretty sure it’s so fun that you’ll do it for way longer than that. 

4. Zumba

What is Zumba? Is it dancing? Is it aerobic? We’re not sure, but it sure is fun. With Zumba, you’ll burn 100 calories in just under 10 minutes, but the health benefits and the positive vibes will last all day. 

5. Running

Running can seem very challenging, but that’s only because we always seem to see these runners that do marathons or run for hours every morning. But realistically 10 minutes of jogging will burn 100 calories, the same goes for a 5-minute sprint. If you combine the two – that’s a pretty decent workout, and you only spent 15 minutes on it. 

6. Dancing

If you’re not really into Zumba classes, you can always just dance around in your own home to your favorite playlist. Just 20 minutes, which is around 5 songs, and you’ve burned 100 calories while rocking out to your favorite tunes. Just remember to dance like nobody’s watching for a maximum mood boost.

7. Rollerskating

Rollerskating is back in trend and it looks like it’s here to stay. Have you been on TikTok or Instagram recently? All we see there are cute girls in roller skates and 70s and 80s outfits doing cute little tricks and dances. You could be one of them and you’ll be burning 100 calories every 15 minutes. 

8. Chilling in the Sauna

That’s right, you don’t have to do that much work to get a sweat on, just sitting in the sauna for 15 minutes will make you sweat without effort, and you’ll burn 100 calories in the process. It’s that easy. 

9. Play Fetch 

Walking the dog is already burning calories, but if you play fetch with the dog for 20 minutes, that’ll be another 100 calories in the bank, and your pet will thank you for it. You’re basically killing two birds with one stone, by making the dog happy and tiring it out for the evening, ensuring a good night’s sleep for both of you. 

10. Paddleboarding

If you haven’t tried paddleboarding yet, we suggest you give it a try. It’s way easier than surfing but can be just as fun. You will burn 100 calories in about 12 minutes, but you’ll want to paddle for way longer and you can always go for a swim too. 


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