How to Make Oatmeal and Herb Bath Bags

How to Make Oatmeal and Herb Bath Bags

An oatmeal bath is an excellent method to treat any skin conditions you may be experiencing, such as dry, itchy skin, a nasty rash, or sunburn. Although the precise reason oatmeal appears to benefit our skin so much is unknown, it is believed that the two naturally occurring chemical properties of oatmeal—phenols and avenanthramides—help lessen inflammation and any associated discomfort. Lower PH levels are another common cause of itchy, dry skin, and oatmeal can help bring your PH back to normal. In addition to all of this, oatmeal contains a chemical called saponins, which functions as a natural antibacterial cleanser and effectively lifts and absorbs dirt and excess oils from the skin. 

The herbs added to this can be chosen at will-I love lavender for a particularly relaxing bath.


You will need…

  • -A handful of oatmeal
  • -Cheesecloth
  • -Herb of your choosing
  • -Scissors


Cut out several squares of cheesecloth, roughly 8X8 inches, and several long strips as well.

Place a handful of the oatmeal in the center of a square; along with whatever herb you are using (I used dried rose petals here.) Gather up the ends and tie it off with your strip of cheesecloth or a ribbon if you’re giving it as a gift.

Make the ribbon fairly long so you can tie it to your bath faucet, that way the hot water will pour over the bag and gets milky and soft. You can also just drop the bag into the water, squeezing it occasionally. The water will turn foggy-this is a good thing!

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