Cranberry Sugar Scrub

Cranberry Sugar Scrub

I'm coming at you today with another simple DIY blessing! Cranberries are copious this season so take a tad of additional from that pack in your cooler and use them to make this basic DIY sugar clean. 


Cranberry Sugar Scrub 

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Makes 2 containers 

  • 1 container solidified cranberries, defrosted 
  • 1/8 container coconut oil, dissolved 
  • 1 container dark colored sugar or crude sugar 
  • Puree cranberries in a blender or nourishment processor. Add to a bowl. 
  • Mix in coconut oil and sugar. Spoon into bricklayer containers. 

Store in the refrigerator for as long as a month. 

Use it on your body to shed dead skin. Cranberries are loaded with cell reinforcements which have hostile to maturing properties. Use it in the shower so any wreckage is anything but difficult to tidy up. 

I prescribe putting away it in the ice chest since it contains sustenance fixings. Use inside one month for ideal freshness. 


Have you attempted cranberries in your healthy skin items?

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