Diet With Eggs and Grapefruit: Lose 20 Pounds in 7 Days

Diet With Eggs and Grapefruit: Lose 20 Pounds in 7 Days

Due to its ability to help people lose weight quickly and burn fat, the grapefruit and egg diet is growing in popularity. You can lose up to 20 pounds in just 7 days, believe it or not! That is amazing!


Why is this diet the one for you?

Grapefruit belongs to the group of foods that burn fats . In other words grapefruit has nutrients that break down and remove fat from the body . Grapefruit also improves metabolism and stimulates digestion .

Egg especially whites have a lot of proteins . When you combine these two foods the efficiency of weakening is assumed to increase multifold .

Diet with eggs and grapefruit is pretty strict , so it is not recommended for people with serious health problems ! 


Basic principles of the diet

This diet can last up to 7 days! I recommend only 3-4, because it will give you good results, and the body will not starve. 



Eat 5 grapefruit daily combining with 5-9 egg whites. In the ideal case there should be 10 serving per day ½ grapefruit and an egg white on every hour.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and have to stay moderately active, for example by walking 45 minutes every day.

As you can see this diet excludes 100% of fat from nutrition. Contains only protein and simple sugars from grapefruit, so results are guaranteed.

My advice is to drink a cup of green tea on morning without sugar, and before you go to bed, drink another cup of tea, to clean the body of toxins and to use the benefits of green tea, especially powerful antioxidant and effect for reducing weight.

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