4 Crucial Signs of a Pinched Nerve You Really Should’t Ignore

4 Crucial Signs of a Pinched Nerve You Really Should’t Ignore

You must have "pinched" someone as a child or experienced it yourself while engaging in innocent play. However, the sensation that is created cannot ever be described as soothing because it causes discomfort in the person. However, it only really causes a brief pain that lasts a second or two. One thing you might hear, for instance, is that getting an injection feels like getting pinched when you are about to receive one.


The pain annoys everyone, no matter how minor it may be. It worsens when it occurs in a larger form, such as when a nerve is pinched. When bones, muscles, or cartilages put too much pressure on a particular nerve, a pinch nerve is the result.


Any form of injury or physical ailment like pain in the joints, bones or stress due to work load. Even pregnancy could lead to pinched nerves due to increased weight that exerts sudden pressure on nerves or simply due to excessive stress. Diabetes can also cause the same problem and in an increased level due to due the excess level of sugar and fat accumulated in blood vessels. This has been observеd by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Issues.


Pinched nerve can cause serious problems except when the pressure created on nerves are comparatively less and the free flow of blood is in a proper way. Such a pain is generally short lived. However, dealing with this problem callously can lead to serious nerve problems including nerve damage, permanently. It is recommendеd to visit a doctor in case the problem arises frequently. This pain can arise anywhere in the body, especially at arms, hands, feet and legs and other spots where nerve compressions are likely to arise.


Numb sensations in the body

Numbness is causеd due to irregular blood flow. For example, the numbness you feel in your fingers after having written for long hours, or when your arm doesn’t move due to pressure created on it after waking up in the morning. The nerves lack free flow of oxygen and renders the numbness.


The spot seems to have lost the ability of movement

Sitting or resting your body in a particular position, causes this feeling to occur. The spot seems to have become lifeless due to increased compression on the particular spot for long hours. This relieves after sometime when you try create movement. However, if such sleep mode of a body part arises suddenly, it is necessary to visit a doctor as there can be signs of nerve damage.


There is a strong tingling sensation or burning pain

When the nerve in itself or a muscle near it gets inflatеd, a strong burning sensation is creatеd that makes the pain unbearable. Often, such a pain may not necessarily be felt in its place of origin, i.e., the defectеd nerve. It may travel through muscles and make itself felt in the leg muscles while the origin is at a nerve in the lower back. This is a case of sciatica.


The muscle feels weak

The different types of nerves in the body can cause severe muscle pain, the major problem arising due to pressure on motor nerves which bears the task of transmitting messages from the brain to the concerned muscle. This is a sign that the muscle is not operating in a right way as in, the muscle is not operating according to the message sent by the brain. The pain is a result of inconsistency in the working of the affectеd muscle and the nerve connectеd to it.

Such nerve pressures could also indicate certain serious problems like stroke, seizures or heart attack; when the nerve cannot bear the pressure any longer. If there is not direct cause due to which the pain arises, like particular positions or postures, the consequences could be fatal. If the pain leads to difficulty in breathing, major internal problems are likely to have aroused.

The treatment to such nerve problems are many, particularly depending upon the kind and intensity of pressure exerted on it. The easiest method is to rest the area that is causing the pain or consuming anti-inflammatory drugs to subside the pain. Physical therapy is yet another method to relieve pain, while the complicated of all being, surgery to release the pressure from the disturbed nerve.


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