Why Men Love Breasts So Much

Why Men Love Breasts So Much


Men are notorious for being drawn to this particular body area. Men are extremely attracted to a woman's breasts, one of the most significant erogenous areas on the female body and the classic representation of femininity. Why do men adore breasts so much, outside the sex they are associated with? 

1. It's obvious that the female body's breasts are a particularly erotic region. Strangely, female humans are the only creatures with larger breasts even when they are not pregnant or nursing. They are attractive to men, and if properly aroused, can be pleasurable to women. Men are naturally drawn to breasts, but it goes beyond that. Given that they serve as the baby's first nourishment source, men and female breasts have a historically prehistoric association. Men's breasts evoke the unique connection that is formed with their mothers through breastfeeding throughout the early months of life, a joyful and secure period.


2. Like a wide, shapely hip with pronounced curves, breasts are also a symbol of fertility. Their growth marks the end of childhood and the beginning of early adolescence, a time when a woman is ready to reproduce. This association made by our ancestors is still very relevant.


3. While we've evolved significantly from our primate ancestors, we continue being animals. Therefore, when choosing a partner, we're unconsciously attracted to certain physical aspects with the ultimate goal of ensuring the survival of the species. This is one reason why men are attracted to women with big breasts. It's a symbol of fertility that they can't help but feel a great attraction to.


4. Stating the obvious, the fact that breasts play an active part in the sexual act inevitably makes them attractive and exciting for men. In addition to being constantly covered by clothes, emphasised by a good bra or revealing a tempting bit of cleavage, men's imagination carries them away, further stimulating their fascination with this part of a woman's body.


5. Of course, a woman's breasts are also a very pleasing and beautiful part her body. Arousal happens in the first moment, with visual stimulation. Hence, breasts are very pleasing to most men, with their pretty shape, proportional size or soft and delicate skin, all powerfully exciting elements for them.

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