Common Flirting Blunders Women Should Avoid When Interacting With Men

Common Flirting Blunders Women Should Avoid When Interacting With Men


Flirting can be an exciting and playful way to show interest in someone, but it's important to understand the dos and don'ts of flirting. While both men and women can make mistakes when flirting, this article will focus on common mistakes women sometimes make when trying to capture a man's attention. By recognizing these errors, women can enhance their flirting techniques and increase their chances of creating meaningful connections. So, let's dive into the five mistakes women make when flirting with men.


1. Generally one of the biggest mistakes when flirting with a boy is exaggerating in any possible way. Exagerating being too friendly, or laughing at every one of his jokes when they're not really that funny. Exagerating our level of sweetness, docility or availability ... Anyway! Anything that is "on the limit" makes his alarms go, as it usually seems false instead of authentic, and authenticity is a quality they really appreciate.


2. Generally, girls like to talk. The problem is when we don't stop talking due to nerves or fear of an uncomfortable silence. Remember it's in your interest to know what he thinks, that's why it's important to get a grip on nerves, maintain a balanced conversation and learn to listen. And remember, some men actually like shy girls.


3. Directly showing you're a serious person who wants a commitment is an awful way to expect to be taken into account.

Until you don't know each other, at least for a while, we don't know if we really want something more serious with the boy, that's why it's important to let things flow, and not to jump at the first comment about how crazy you are for wanting a serious relationship and get married before reaching a certain age. Unless, of course, you want to scare him away.


4. Going on a date or trying to flirt with a boy wearing extremely provocative clothes or having an attitude that desperately screams "sex", can have a very different effect. You might get him to spend the night in bed with you, but not much more.

It's important to show your sensuality from other perspectives, such as wearing flattening clothes which are not too revealing, or showing your personality's best attributes which you know attract a boy's attention, such as a sense of humor or intelligence. Some men even prefer tomboys, so don't assume you have to be super sexy.


5. We believe they love tough girls. But forcing this kind of attitude just to let him know you're not an easy prey and increase his desire in you, can actually pass by as quite rude, selfish and unpleasant. What you can achieve is him losing interest in you.

Try to be yourself, and if you are really not that interested in him, let him know; but if you actually like him, let it show.


6. And, as a bonus, we don't recommend acting stupid or like you're innocent to flirt with a boy either. We don't believe men prefer stupid girls, on the contrary, they enjoy the mistery and challenges, and that is always achieved next to intelligent girls.


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