Heal Your Lungs With THIS Tea: Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema, Infections…

Heal Your Lungs With THIS Tea: Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema, Infections…

Oregano is one of the most amazing herbs and is used frequently due to its flavor and aroma. But did you know it has a ton of health advantages? Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer, and antibacterial properties are all present in it.


Nutritional Values

Oregano is full of magnesium, vitamins K, A, E, C, manganese, iron, folate, zeaxanthin, fiber, niacin, carotenoids, cryptoxanthin and lutein. It is also full of detoxifying properties which can help us against many conditions and also balance our hormones.
Oregano is also abundant in antioxidants.
Dried oregano is also good for usage because it’s full of rosmarinic acid, ursolic acid, volatile essential oil, borneol, triterpenoids e.g. oleanolic and.

Oregano can be especially used in cooking and because it tastes very good, it’s amazing with numerous foods like salad dressings, eggs, vegetables, pasta etc. If you add it into meat, you’d better add it before you cook it because it may destroy some of the toxic compounds that are created at the time of the process of cooking.
A particular study managed to prove that if you add spices that are rich in antioxidants before you cook the meat, they will reduce the process of oxidation by 71%, but also the level in the participant’s urine by 49%. The spices were: ginger, garlic powder, cloves, oregano, rosemary, paprika, cinnamon and black pepper.

This Is the Way To Use Oregano To Gain Its Best Medical Benefits

You can use it in different ways: dried, fresh, in oil form or as tablets.
You can also use oregano tea. You only need about 5 or 10 grams which is 1 or 2 teaspoons of tea for a cup of hot water. You can drink up to 3 cups of this tea every day.
For fungal conditions, you can also apply it topically or take capsules or tablets.

As we have already mentioned, oregano contains plenty of antioxidants.
It has been especially proved beneficial in the case of prostate cancer, but also breast cancer and many other types of cancer cells. 

Oregano Is Full Of These Health Benefits

-Digestive disorder
-Intestinal parasites
-Heart conditions
-Heartburn (acid reflux)
-Menstrual cramps
-Urinary tract infections
-Repelling insects
-Muscle pain

This Is The Way To Use Oregano For Optimal Benefits

Consume oregano tea regularly against infections, the flu, colds, bronchitis, chronic asthma, sinusitis, rheumatism etc.


  • -4 or 6 tablespoons of dry oregano leaves
  • -2 or 3 cups of water
  • -A slice of lemon
  • -1 teaspoon of honey


  1. -Prepare a pot for the water and put it to boil
  2. -After it has boiled, remove it from the heat
  3. -Add the oregano leaves. Lave them inside for several minutes
  4. -Strain them and afterwards add the lemon
  5. -Add the honey in a warm tea, not in a hot one
  6. -Drink it while it’s warm

Use Oregano Leaves While You Cook

Add the leaves in any dish: spaghetti bolognaise, chilli, pizza, etc.


Here are some great tips:

The leaves should be added in the end, so that the flavor isn’t lost.
Don’t use a lot of oregano, because your meal can become bitter.
If you crush the dried oregano leaves in your palm before you cook them, they’ll release their essential oils.
For each teaspoon of fresh oregano leaves, you can use 1 teaspoon of dried oregano.

Oregano Oil Is A Natural Antibiotic

-Oregano oil is considered to be among the most powerful antibiotics which can especially fight the Candida infections. Use it differently:
If you want to treat colds or sinus infections, put several drops of oregano oil into steaming water and inhale the resulting steam.

-Put it under your tongue and treat parasites or infections. Use a carrier oil to dilute it, hold it under your tongue for several minutes and then rinse it off.

-Apply it on the area with nail fungus or athlete’s foot. First, soak your feet in water with some diluted oil and then rub the oil on your skin or nails.


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