Easy Ways How to Smoking Quit Discovered

Easy Ways How to Smoking Quit Discovered

Numerous studies have demonstrated the detrimental effects of smoking on the body. But once one gets a handle on it, quitting becomes a moot point. Quitting smoking can be either very difficult or very easy, depending on the smoker. Here are some suggestions on how to stop smoking completely even if you want to try.

It is important to remember that everything takes time and effort, including quitting smoking, so keep trying even if you feel discouraged or distracted. But if you're persistent, you'll be able to give up smoking quickly.


1. Plan a Quit Day
The best way to try to stop smoking is by starting it first. Do not try to immediately completely stop smoking at all—it won’t work. If you immediately cut off your smoking, chances are you will only want to smoke even more and start to see the cigarettes even more valuable.

As previously mentioned, it takes time and progress. You might not be able to not pass a day without one cigarette, but you may be able to survive a couple of hours without smoking, longer than you usually do, then it is already a good start.

If you want to keep yourself in check, or to very least, be reminded that you are currently trying to stop smoking, try to mark your quit day on a calendar, get rid of your stock cigarettes and ashtray, and if you’d like, tell your family and friends about your quit day. That way, they can also remind you.


2. Keep Yourself Preoccupied without Smoke
There is no easier way to make you forget about something but to keep yourself busy. While you are trying to stop smoking you can do many things; drown yourself in work or books, playing games, watching films, or traveling.

However, the best way to keep yourself preoccupied and to remind yourself to stay healthy and to not getting drawn back to cigarettes is, of course, exercise.

Since smoking actually does more harm to the body than being beneficial, it is a good opportunity to try living a healthy lifestyle, if you feel like going all-out.

Another thing we may offer you to help you forget about your smoking habits is to find a new activity to do, preferably outdoors. There have to be some things you want to do but haven’t yet had the opportunity to do it, right? This can be your chance.


3. Avoid Smoking Areas or Anything That Triggers a Desire to Smoke
When you are trying to quit smoking, it is wise to steer yourself away from other smokers and smoking areas. Basically, try to avoid anything that can make you want to smoke from the first place. Get rid of ashtrays, or head to public places where smoking is prohibited.

It is also recommended not to consume too much caffeine or anything that can make you feel quite jittery. Additionally, try not to get yourself too tired since it can ignite your desire to light up a cigarette. Remind yourself to eat healthily, drink lots of water, and have plenty of rest.


4. Spend Some Time with Non-Smokers
To ensure that your effort to quit smoking successful, it is not a bad idea to socialize and hang out with non-smokers. In any case, it helps in making sure that you do not smoke in their presence (while also probably make you feel bad about smoking when they are not anyway).

Additionally, it helps in that you can make yourself some new friends in the process. While you are at, it also does not hurt to say that you are trying to stop smoking. They may very well have some additional insights or provide assistance in doing so.

Alternatively, you may also join a support group. Remember that when you are trying to do something, you will not be the only one who is trying to do so chances are you can look and find other people who are also trying their best to quit smoking. That way, you can support each other.

Plus, having a support group is not as bad as it sounds. Think of it this way; it can make your effort feels easier since you know you are not doing this alone. After all, receiving support from other people, especially from similar minded ones, can reinvigorate your spirit and determination.

Soon enough, with the right people to hang out, you will eventually forget that you used to smoke.


5. Find a Substitute to Smoking Quit

While it is not really recommended, since it may for a new kind of addiction instead, it can help as long as they are not cigarettes. In the very least, you can channel your addiction to cigarettes with something that is more tolerable, or beneficial.

For example, when you feel like smoking, instead of lighting up a cigarette, you can instead take candy or drink some orange juice or protein bar instead. Basically, you substitute your smoking habit into something else. It is far healthier and beneficial for your body.

Or, whenever you feel the need to smoke, instead of cigarettes, you practice yoga or indulge yourself in other habits, basically anything that keeps you moving around, like martial arts. Besides distracting you from smoking, it is a fun and thrilling thing to do as well.

how to stop smoking quit Just do not switch your addiction to cigarettes with alcoholic drinks, however.


6. Do Not Force Yourself

Try not to mentally kick yourself to stop smoking. It is more likely that the more you try too hard to stop smoking, the harder it gets for you to completely stop smoking. Turning away from addiction or getting used to new habits take time, after all, it is not something that can happen in an instance.

Additionally, when you see a smoker, do not envy them. To see it from another perspective, think of it like this example by smoking, you actually burn your money for temporary satisfaction with no real benefits.

Those are some of the examples on how to stop smoking quit completely at most. Having yourself to quit something from what you used to do is actually pretty easy, should you be serious about it.

The key here is to know and have some degree of self-control. Besides, being a non-smoker is one of the best feelings in life. Good luck. source: (allencarr.com, smokefree.gov, medicalnewstoday.com)


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