6 Reasons You’re Waking Up With A Headache

6 Reasons You’re Waking Up With A Headache


It's a lovely morning! The sun is warming your cheek just enough as it kisses your face outside in the ideal weather. But you notice that you're not feeling all that great. In actuality, you had a headache when you woke up. Your head is throbbing with pain, but it's not the first time; it keeps happening. Nearly every day you wake up with that splitting headache, making even the most pleasant mornings unpleasant for you.

According to health experts and information found online, early-morning headaches can be caused by a variety of factors. In order to save you some time, we conducted some research on the internet and identified the following factors that may be to blame for your morning headaches: Let's write down each one of them.


1. Drinking At Night

Of course, a glass of red wine, or a peg or two of your favorite liquor can help you fall asleep in times of distress. But, it can totally wreck your morning the next day causing a massive headache. You might think that they are just a few drinks, but, that’s enough to take you on a dehydration route. It will reduce the blood flow to your brain, thereby, causing a headache or even a migraine. It’s simple, if you have been drinking all night, we’ve found a healthier way here, eat light at night and say no to alcohol and all the processed foods. Also, drink a glass of water before you hit the bed, that’s all it takes to make a huge difference.


2. Irregular Sleep Patterns

Yes, alcohol does trigger a headache but, a poor night’s sleep is what causes a much deadlier headache. When you spend the night watching shows or getting lost in the never-ending loop of thoughts, you’ll be at your crankiest best the next morning. Studies have proved that it’s the poor sleeping patterns that are the major triggering cause for most of the early morning migraines. Therefore, always make it a habit to hit the bed at night so that you get the minimum amount of sleep (6-8 hours every day) at the right time.


3. Sleeping In Awkward Positions

It’s just not about at what time you sleep, a good sleep has also got to do with how you sleep on your bed; your sleeping position matters. Sleeping in a really awkward position can cause strain to your muscles, twist the nerves or cause a nerve pull. Mainly, it affects the muscles in and around your head and neck which contributes to a morning headache. Make sure you use cushioned pillows of the right height to sleep. Remember not to go all zigzag while sleeping. We know that some of us like sleeping all over the bed, but do that only if you want to reward yourself with a splitting headache the following day.


4. Coping With Ignored Depression

Depression is a health condition that can rip apart the peace in our lives. If you find yourself or anyone around you suffering from the same, it’s very important to consult a therapist or a doctor and seek help before it’s too late. Depression is capable of causing cluster headaches which are nothing less than a suicide headache. And waking up with such a headache is a very bad idea. Remember to go to bed with a stress-free mind and heart. Only then will you be able to sleep peacefully and wake up feeling pleasant on an equally pleasant morning.


5. Grinding Teeth

Clenching your teeth or grinding it tight can lead to headaches. Doing these causes immense stress to the muscles of our mouth which triggers a headache instantly. We’re sure we’ve come across people who have the habit of grinding teeth while doing nothing or as a result of anxiety. There are mouth guards that help you get rid of this addictive habit. So get yourself one if you find yourself grinding teeth in your sleep.


6. Caffeine Withdrawals

Too much of caffeine intake during the day can surely help you stay awake. You’ll be wide awake all through the night when everybody’s snoring the night away if you’ve been supplying yourself with black coffees throughout the day. The problem starts when you finally sleep for a while and wake up the next morning. You’ll have a severe headache which can be termed as a caffeine-withdrawal headache. To avoid this you need to limit the number of cups of coffee you’ve been consuming during the day. Too much of coffee increases the blood flow to our brain, thereby causing the irksome headaches.

If you find yourself suffering from unbearable headaches then it’s better to consult a doctor in order to get to the root cause of it. Waking up happy and in your best health is extremely important. If you know of any other reason that causes the headaches, let us know in the comments below.


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