10 Things You Should Never Share With Anyone


10 Things You Should Never Share With Anyone

Sharing is caring, as the saying goes. We all enjoy passing along helpful tools for self-improvement like this one to the people we care about, but no matter how giving you are, there are some things you should never divulge to anyone.

This reminds me of a secondary school incident. I would not let my friend use the razor I had been using to shave my underarms. She took it and used it when she thought I was not watching. Eeeew! Why do I need to state the obvious again? Do you see?

Now let’s get to it. These are 10 things you must never share.


1. Towel

Why do some people find it normal to share a towel? A towel is personal. Unless you are trying to spread bacteria, sharing towels is a no-no. I try as much as possible to go to the salon with my own towel because bacteria can easily spread through damp towels. Never share a towel at home; if you can, go to the salon with your own towel for your hair.

Trick to beat this is to keep a spare towel for visitors who insist on sharing towels. You can buy an affordable multiple piece towel set and keep at home for convenience.


2. Toothbrush

I’m saying this hoping you will NEVER share a toothbrush. It’s is advisable to keep extra toothbrushes at home for when you have visitors. Under no circumstance should you share a toothbrush. This is the highest height of the expression not-negotiable. The human mouth can contain a lot of bacteria, so avoid sharing toothbrushes.


3. Lingerie

I was tempted to exclude this from the list. I imagined there was no way anybody would think about sharing panties, brassieres and other intimate apparel. On second thought, it’s prudent to be reminded that it is not cool to share lingerie. Do not share your brassiere, panties, corset, bustier, girdles or any other underwear. Sharing them could expose you to infections. To maintain good hygiene, you should have multiple brassieres and panties, and never share them with anybody.  You can get a quality brand new set of bra and panties for less.


4. Shaving stick/Razor blades

Whether it is a machine or a manual shaving stick, please don’t share it with anybody. A shaving stick is not expensive, and you can pick up a full pack for less. Please do not share a shaving stick. If you do, you will be exposed to infections.


5. Deodorant Roll-on

You expose yourself to infections when you share a deodorant roll-on. Sharing a deodorant roll-on with someone else is not hygienic. You can share a deodorant spray, but sharing a roll-on is not right.


6. Bath sponge

I know some people think it’s cool to share a sponge but it’s not. This reminds me of when someone who came to visit was surprised that I refused to let her use my sponge. I was surprised she was surprised. I don’t know if you think it’s cool to share a sponge but if you do, please stop. A bath sponge is too personal to share.


7. Lipstick and lip balm

We all love makeup and sometimes get excited when a friend wears a beautiful lipstick color. I think a lipstick is personal and should not be shared. If you must share, apply a bit of the lipstick on your clean fingertips and apply it on your lips. Never apply someone else’s lipstick directly on your lips as if it’s yours. While sharing a lipstick, you may also be sharing bacteria.


8. Make-up brushes

Whether they are for your eyes or face, do not share makeup brushes. Makeup brushes can harbor germs and bacteria when not kept clean. Therefore, it is advisable not to share makeup brushes. Keep a spare brush for people who want to use your makeup brush.

Tip: Keep a spare brush for people who want to share your makeup brush


9. Earphones

Lots of people (including me) are guilty of sharing earphones/ headphones occasionally. However, this is not a good idea. The ears are very sensitive and could get infected. As harmless as it seems to share earphones, some people may have ear infections, and you do not want to share earphones with them. You are more exposed if you share earphones which have pointed edges, pushed inside the ear. Get good earphones and do not make a habit of sharing it.


10. Bar soap

It is unhygienic to share bar soap. This may seem normal in some homes, but it is not best practice. When someone uses bar soap and you use it too, you are exposing yourself to germs and bacteria. You can share liquid soap, but do not make it a habit to share bar soap.



As much as you can, avoid sharing these ten things. Your health can be affected by small practices that you take for granted; like the things you share with other people.

What other items should never be shared with other people? Share your tips in the comment section below.


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