Your Body Stores Stress in These 12 Places and Your Emotions Are to Blame

Your Body Stores Stress in These 12 Places and Your Emotions Are to Blame

Stress is a part of everyday life, and our bodies have evolved to handle it. However, chronic stress can take a toll on our physical and emotional health, leading to a variety of issues ranging from headaches to chronic pain, and even depression.


It's common knowledge that stress can cause physical symptoms such as tension headaches and tight muscles, but did you know that stress can also manifest in specific areas of the body? Here are 12 places where your body stores stress and how your emotions might be to blame.


The head

If you suffer from headaches, then you might be experiencing a lot of worries about little things. You need to deal with this type of pain by relaxing and stop feeling guilty about your everyday troubles. Everyone deserves peace and quiet and this kind of mindset will influence your future productivity.


The neck

Neck pain can be caused by resentment which can be a destructive emotion. You need to stop holding grudges and you need to start forgiving people. This will help you change your attitude. It is important to start thinking about your love, unique abilities and think about your past achievements.


The shoulders

When you are facing difficult decisions, it is really likely to feel a strain on your shoulders. This means that you have to start sharing your difficult thoughts with someone who is close to you, or with a therapist who will help you relieve your pain.


Upper back

Feeling pain in your upper back means that you are suffering from unappreciated and unreturned love from your closed ones. The best solution to this problem is to start communicating openly with the people you love and care about and to stop looking back to past grudges.


Lower back

If you are obsessed with money and fear of financial loss, then you will feel pain in your lower back. You need to stop thinking of money as a way of buying happiness. You need to start doing what you love and joy and profit will follow.

ElbowsPeople react really stubborn when it comes to change and adapting to new things is always difficult. This stubbornness can cause joint pain, but you need to start focusing on the benefits changes can give you. You need to stop worrying and just go with the flow.


The hands

People who are more introverted have problems with their hands as a result of not enough companionship. Feeling this kind of a pain in your hands means that you have to start opening up and make more friends. Go visit a sports event or a concert, you will have fun and meet friends.


The Hips

Staying too long in your comfort zone and getting to use to a predictable lifestyle will cause hip pain. This means that you are fearful of change, but you need to switch things up a little and make your life more interesting with some kind of adventure.


The Knees

If you suffer from a big ego, you will feel knee pain. This signifies that you need to stop thinking that the world revolves around you and you need to focus on the people around you and be their support in difficult times. This will give more meaning to your life.


The calves

Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness can cause pain in your calves. You need to start accepting things as they are and not focus on controlling them or changing them the way you imagine they should be. If you are in a difficult relationship, you need to get away from this pain and move on to something better and healthier for you.


The ankles

Oftentimes we forget to take care of ourselves because of our jobs, or life in general. If you find yourself stuck in this kind of situation, you need to start treating yourself better by going to bed early, start a good romance, or go on a fun trip.


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