8 Things Your Eye Exam Can Tell You About Your Overall Health

8 Things Your Eye Exam Can Tell You About Your Overall Health


In a group of 11,305 participants aged 40 years and above with moderate-to-severe visual impairment, 35% of them felt they didn’t need eyesight care.

And that’s why these people skip regular eye care. Yet, visiting an eye doctor is vital to enhancing your overall health. The eye examination will help you know whether you have underlying health problems.

Still doubtful on the need for regular eyesight care?

Keep reading to learn eight things your eye exams can tell you about your overall health.

1. Early Signs of Stroke

One of the early signs of stroke is blood clots at the back of the eyes. The problem is that these clots are microscopic, so the only way to see them is by undergoing an eye examination. You want to detect this problem early when it’s manageable and easy to treat.


2. Diabetes

An eye care examination will also help uncover specks of blood in your eyes which is a sign of diabetes. At this stage it’s you may be experiencing fluctuating blurry vision. You want to start receiving treatment early and avoid severe vision loss due to diabetes.


3. High Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure usually have damaged blood vessels in their eyes. The issue is that it is hard to detect these issues without an eye examination. That’s why you should reach out to our clinic today and book an eye care appointment.


4. High-Stress Levels

Comprehensive eye exams will also help detect when you’ve high-stress levels. The doctor will notice that your eyes are twitching, which is a sign of stress. The idea is to take action to lower your stress levels and enhance your wellness.


5. Your Cholesterol Is High

Most Americans don’t realize they’ve high cholesterol levels as there are no physical symptoms. So don’t believe that only obese people suffer this problem as anyone can have a high cholesterol level. One of the ways to detect this problem is by getting regular eye care.


6. You Need Contact Lenses

Getting an eye exam is also vital to know when you should consider getting contact lenses. The idea is to improve your vision and eye comfort. That’s why you should look for a licensed eye doctor to receive recommendations on the ideal contact lenses to get.


7. You Need More Sleep

Your body adapts when you don’t get enough sleep for many days consecutively, but this doesn’t mean you’re okay. As lack of sleep leads to numerous other health issues such as hypertension. Getting an eye examination will help you know whether you’re getting enough sleep or not.


8. Cancer

Most people don’t realize they’ve cancer until it’s too late. At this stage, it’s an uphill battle for doctors trying to treat cancer. One inexpensive way of detecting cancer early is by getting regular eye care.

Enhance Your Health by Seeing an Eye Doctor Regularly

Now you understand that seeing an eye doctor is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Comprehensive eye exams will help you uncover all the above health issues early. Besides, you’ll get professional guidance on when to get contact lenses.

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