Why Am I Still Single In My 30s?

Why Am I Still Single In My 30s?

In their 20s, ladies never seem to be bothered if they are not in a relationship because they are busy chasing careers and getting their MBAs. However, time continuous to pass and before they know it, they are in their 30s and still single. It is at this time when they want to settle down but the prospective relationships they pursue never seem to go past the second date.


I have many friends who deal with this situation, which can be very difficult and frustrating for them. It seems that it is a common situation among people who lives in large cities, but not only. Maybe it is the impact of technology that makes it too easy to find a date? So easy that people reject one another only after one date and not trying to really get to know each other. Clearly, some people are single because they choose to be. But what about the people that finding someone is the only thing that they want and it is just not working for them.


And I’m not trying to stereotype all single women or men or to put anyone in a box. But for women and men that are over 30, who are looking for answers to the question “why am I still single in my 30s?”, here are some reasons why you are still single:


1. You don’t look your best

First impressions matter especially to the opposite sex. People are easily turned off just by looking at how you dress, how you put up your hair or even how your makeup is done. You don’t have to wear Gucci. You can still look your best by being simple. Take time to prepare yourself. Always look your best whenever you are leaving the house.


2. You’re too picky

The biggest problem with ladies especially in their 30s is that they are too picky when finding a partner without realizing that time is elapsing and the number of men showing interest is reducing. Don’t be too picky. Nobody is perfect. Find someone with whom your reasons to stay with them are greater than their flaws that may cause you to leave. You are not perfect either. Nobody is.


3. You’re too feminist

There is a kind of feminism that can be very aggressive and some men do not want to be tied to a woman of such character. Yes you can be feminist and support equal rights for both men and women but don’t be too aggressive. Otherwise, the women you are so vehemently fighting for may be the reason you remain single forever.


4. You are too desperate

Men don’t want desperate women because desperate women are insecure, clingy, and sometimes even nagger. You might be single at 30 but that does not mean that you should be desperate and willing to do anything to get a man. As a matter of fact, that man will only use you and leave you behind to leak your wounds.

Yes, it might seem like you are too old and all the “good ones” are gone, but regardless of your age, you are not too old to find love! Know your value and don’t settle for less.


5. You’re not looking in the right place

You will probably not find a suitable partner in a frat house or a college bar at your age. There are certain places where the kind of man you are looking for hangs out. Go to those places. Don’t stick only to the dating apps – Online dating doesn’t work for everyone. Change places and expect to find the right person.


6. You’re not looking enough

Maybe you are just not looking enough and have already given up ever finding love. Don’t give up – Keep looking.


7. You always play “all in” when you are in a relationship

Don’t be an “all in” kind of girl in a relationship. Men are scared of this and leave the first chance they get.

People find love even in their 60s so don’t give up on finding your love yet. There is still hope for you as long as you avoid the things mentioned above.

source: https://urbanmamaz.com

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