Say Stop To Your Cracked Heels With This Amazing Homemade Remedy!

Say Stop To Your Cracked Heels With This Amazing Homemade Remedy!

Do you feel too ashamed because of cracks in your heels to remove your shoes in public? While we spend a lot of time looking after our face, we mostly ignore our feet. This lack of care and hygiene causes the cracking of your heels.

Dry / cracked feet are a sign of disregard for your body and one of most women’s worst nightmares. The skin on the feet tends to get drier because there are no oil glands. This dryness causes cracking of the skin. Lack of moisturization, overexposure to pollution, and certain medical conditions such as eczema, diabetes, thyroid, and psoriasis result in dry, cracked feet.


Say Stop To Your Cracked Heels Overnight With This Amazing Homemade Remedy! Cracked heels is a common issue for both men and women, more common in women.


This is because the greater part of us stay up on our feet all through the whole day. A survey result showed that 20% of the adults in the US have cracked skin on their feet. If you notice dry and flaking skin on your feet, along with deep cracks, then you may have cracked heels as well.


For the majority of the general population, having broken heels isn’t generally an issue. However, for some it causes big pain, depending of how deep are cracks. Also walking may become uncomfortable with pain. Here is amazing homemade remedy that will help you get rid of those cracks:

Step One – Warm water treatment.

You will need:

  • One Pumice stone
  • Two spoons of salt
  • Two spoons of baking soda
  • One Lukewarm water

Simply pour the water in tub and put the soda and the salt. Soak feet for fifteen minutes, and after pat them dry and rub with the pumice stone. That’s will remove the dead skin later.


Step Two – Scrub

You will need:

  •  1 Sugar
  •  2 spoons of oil

Add the sugar and the 2 spoons of oil into a bowl and rub your feet with the scrub you just prepared for five minutes. Then finally wash the feet with fresh water.


Step Three – Moisturizer

You will need:

  • Oil
  • Candle

In a bowl add the oil and the candle and pour in hot water. Then let it cool. After it does, use the foot cream you already prepared by applying it on your feet. Cover with socks afterwards.

It’s not serious for most people to have cracked heels. When you go barefoot, it can cause discomfort. Cracks in the heels can get very deep in some cases and cause pain.


Step Four – Banana

What to do ?

Mash into a smooth paste 2 ripe bananas. Make sure the bananas are mature. Unripe bananas contain skin harsh acid. Rub the paste gently across your feet, including the toe’s nail beds and sides. Keep twenty minutes on. Rinse your feet with clean water after 20 minutes.

How often :Repeat this every night before going to bed for 2 weeks or until the results satisfy you.

Why it works

Banana is a moisturizer of natural skin. It contains vitamins A, B6, and C, all of which help maintain and hydrate the skin’s elasticity.


Step Five -Vaseline and lemon juice

What to do

Soak your feet about 20 minutes in warm water. Rinse and dry pat. Add a tsp of Vaseline with 3–4 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix well with each other. Use this mixture on your heels and other pieces of your feet that are cracked. Wear a couple of woolen socks and let them sit overnight. Wash in the morning with warm water.

How often: before going to bed regularly.

Why it work

Vaseline acts as a moisturizer, and lemon juice citric acid promotes skin peeling and new skin cells regeneration.


Step Six -Epsom salt

What to do

In a foot basin, add half a cup of Epsom salt to warm water. Remove well. For 15 minutes, soak your feet in it. Scrub to remove skin that is dead.

How often: two to three times a week.

Why it works

Epsom salt softens the skin and reduces inflammation. The sulfates help the cells to flush toxins and heavy metals, ease pain and help the body eliminate harmful substances.

Remember: Main factors that can cause cracked heels include:

  • Standing on your feet for long hours.
  • walking barefoot, or with open-back sandals
  • Hot showers, taking long
  • You use harsh soaps that can strip your skin of natural oils
  • Shoes that don’t fit your heels properly
  • Climate dry skin, such as cold temperatures or low humidity

If you don’t regularly moisturize your feet, they may dry out even more quickly.

Cracked heels Medical causes:

High blood sugar and low diabetes – related circulation are common causes of dry skin. You may not know that your feet are dry, cracked, and painful because of your nerve damage .

Other conditions that can lead to dry skin and heels that are cracked include:

  • Deficiency of vitamins
  • fungal infection
  • hypothyroidism
  • juvenile plantar dermatosis
  • pregnancy and obesity

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