8 Sure Signs You Will Break Up Soon

8 Sure Signs You Will Break Up Soon

Breaking up is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary to end a relationship that is no longer healthy or fulfilling. However, recognizing when a relationship is on the verge of ending can be challenging, and many people stay in unhappy relationships for far too long. There are signs that suggest you may be heading for a breakup soon, and it is important to pay attention to them.


Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when the downs outnumber the ups, it is time to re-evaluate. If you are constantly fighting, avoiding each other, or lacking intimacy, it could be a sign that your relationship is in trouble. It is essential to recognize these signs early on and work on them together with your partner, as they can lead to a breakup if left unaddressed. Here are 8 signs you will break up very soon. Stick to the end because I know a way to avoid your breakup and save your relationship.


1. Your Partner’s Attitude Has Changed

Your loved one is always stressed at work and doesn’t have enough time to relax. He has too many things to do in life, too many hobbies that take his time from you and even more friends who want him for themselves…

It doesn’t matter what kind of excuses you hear. If your significant one wants to be with you, he will be. A relationship is a partnership. And partners spend quality time together. You should have fun. You should make plans together. And you should enjoy each other as often as you can. If your partner avoids these activities, maybe it’s time to move on with your life.


2. One Of You Is Distanced

This is something you don’t see, but you feel it. You are together all the time or as often as you can, but it’s like he’s away. His cold attitude hurts you and makes you feel miserable. Or even worse – you are the one that builds a wall between you two. If you feel distanced or your partner is like that, that could be one of the signs that the relationship is in a crisis or even close to breaking up.

3. Your Partner Cancels Appointments

If you have a date or he promised to come with you somewhere but cancels it at the last minute, don’t worry. He may be busy with something more important. What if it keeps happening, though?

Well, this might be a sign your loved one doesn’t take the relationship seriously enough. Skipping regularly dates because of “any ridicules reason” should tell you that your partner prefers to spend his time away from you. This is a huge sign you will break up soon.

4. Too Much Arguing And Criticism

You are not perfect, neither he is. If you criticize the other too much or he does it with you, it is because you just don’t accept him the way he is. Arguing about every little thing shows an unwillingness to compromise and back off. And makes the break up even closer. We either love the other the way they are, or we keep looking for someone else, who doesn’t have to change so we feel happy with him. Moreover, if you are pressured to change yourself and act different, I suggest you run. Fast! He just doesn’t love you anymore.

5. He Is Never Happy

Here’s a good question…

Do you feel like you are talking about how to fix your relationship all the time?

How often do you have the “We need to talk” conversation? If you don’t feel emotionally satisfied or you see the other is always grumpy around you, it may be because the thought of you staying together doesn’t look as bright as it used to.

The thing is… constantly fixing a relationship that just started is a huge sign of incompatibility.

Also, if you feel disrespected you need to know what to do.

6. Saying Sorry Isn’t Followed By A Change

I know I said no change. But when it comes to messing up and fixing mistakes that aren’t healthy for the future of the relationship, change is inevitable. If you heard “I promise I will change” more than twice for the same things, that’s a sure sign that change isn’t coming any time soon.

It is not going to happen and somewhere deep inside you know it too. When we love someone, we don’t hurt them. If he knows that doing or saying something will make you miserable and he goes for it, there is only one advice for you. He doesn’t respect you! Just say goodbye and look for someone who will respect you enough not to hurt you.

7. You Don’t Talk About The Future Anymore

The long talks for a holiday next summer are somewhere in the past? He tells you to plan something by yourself and not coordinate it with him as he “might be occupied with work”?

Well, that is because he doesn’t believe he’ll be around you by that time. I had a boyfriend years ago, who was telling me for weeks to plan my holidays and travels without consulting with him as he had work to do. Even when I pressured him to tell me why he doesn’t want to join me, he was making excuses. Less than a month after that we broke up.

8. The Trust Is Gone

Does he question your honesty? Do you doubt about everything he says or does? You don’t trust each other anymore.

A relationship without trust is not a relationship anymore. From all the things I said above that is the most important one. You cannot go any further in the relationship if the trust isn’t present. Find a way to fix it or just say “Goodbye.” It’s time to end the relationship.

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