7 Behaviors in Relationships That Women Should Never Tolerate From Men (Because It’s Not “Normal” Behavior)

7 Behaviors in Relationships That Women Should Never Tolerate From Men (Because It’s Not “Normal” Behavior)


When you're in a relationship, you must really learn to assert yourself. You don't have to put up with a guy's bad behavior just because you're ostensibly falling in love with him. There should always be opportunity for improvement and criticism in a partnership. You ought to constantly be able to express to your man your displeasure with the way he is treating you. Simply because you're afraid to disagree with him or offend him, you shouldn't have to be sucking things up and pretending to smile. Yes, there are some things you have to put up with, like some innocuous peculiarities. If you want to love him, you must always accept him as he is.

You must, however, be able to draw that line. There are some actions that your man takes that are simply unpleasant or repugnant. If you're uncomfortable, you shouldn't have to keep playing his game. Even when you're in a relationship, you still fully own who you are and should always be treated with respect. You need a partner who won't subject you to any of the following:


1. Make any unkind remarks about you (whether out loud or behind your back).

He shouldn't ever be calling you names. He should be your tenacious advocate because you two are in a committed relationship. He shouldn't ever use his words to make you feel awful. He shouldn't ever portray you negatively. He shouldn't be able to insult your character with harsh words.


2. Make you the butt of the joke in front of others.

Anytime you can laugh together in a relationship, it is always good. That would imply that you and your partner would have a happy, joyful life together. When you consistently end up becoming the punchline to jokes, though, things change. To make himself laugh and to make you feel horrible, he makes fun of you. You shouldn't have to put up with that in a relationship.


3. Physically and emotionally dominate you.

Male dominance is quite prevalent in many relationships and can manifest itself in a variety of ways. You need to be careful not to be in a relationship with a man who pressures you all the time to do things you don't feel comfortable doing. He shouldn't be doing anything that could be physically or emotionally harmful to you. When you two are dating, he shouldn't be showing off his dominance over you. He should constantly treat you with love and kindness, and he should always be gentle with you.


4. Invalidate your feelings as something false or over-the-top.

You shouldn't have to put up with a man who ignores your requests or doesn't listen to you. He shouldn't be acting as though your ideas and words don't matter. He ought to respect you enough to be open to hearing your opinions at all times. He shouldn't act as though your thoughts are irrelevant. He shouldn't be dismissing your emotions as meaningless.


5. Force you into doing love favors.

You should never be pressured into doing something that doesn't seem loving to you. He shouldn't force you to fall in love with him if you don't want to. He shouldn't force you to engage in specific behaviors in the bedroom if that is something you are not willing to do.

6. Flirt with other girls in front of you.

When you two are supposedly in a committed relationship, he should NEVER be making out with other women. You won't have to put up with it, I assure you. You shouldn't have to put up with stuff like that. He has no business making advances to other women.


7. Dictate how you’re supposed to live your life.

He shouldn't ever have complete power over you. He shouldn't ever be able to dictate how you live your life. You are a unique individual who is fully capable of exercising your own judgment. You don't always have to follow his lead, especially when it comes to choices that directly affect your life.

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