10 Signs Of Sex Addiction And Dangers

10 Signs Of Sex Addiction And Dangers

Sexual complications are very diverse to one to another. Problems with desire, fear, pain and various other problems such as metal condition can ruin sex life of people. Most these are curable with either consultation or by medicines.  However, sexual addiction is an entirely different issue that needs attention as much as drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

Although this does not attract required attention it is in fact a dangerous complication, in comparison to other sexual disorders.  Results could be devastating due to sex addiction while family life could get totally ruined.  It can not only damage private life of the addict but also the social life.

The one who has to suffer the most when you live with a sex addict is often your spouse. According to experts, sexual addiction is sexual activity that has been customary to fit quite out of control. Those who are with sex addiction wants to engage in sexual activity, despite all the risks it may have. They may not bother about any social or traditional values of sex. Sometimes they are found violating laws and become sexual criminals by involving in child abuse, rape and at times end up having sex with animals and being homosexuals.

Some behaviors of sex addicts includes, spending a lot of time enjoying pornography, Frequent masturbation, Risky prostitution, Sex over the phone, internet and other virtual forms of sex encounters. Research shows continued addiction resulted in experiencing severe family problems, losing their life partner/spouse, lost  opportunities in their career, unwanted pregnancies, suicide attempts and sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex addiction makes a person to involve in the activity of sex relentlessly and in order to satisfy various desires of sex. Once you are known as a sex addict, society will be suspicious about your behavior and will fear to socialize you. It is said usually a 5% of the adults suffering from sex addiction and among them roughly 30% are women.

The problem with sex addition is that those who are with it don’t consider it a problem. Society has not yet put much emphasis on that although it can totally ruin the entire life of the addict from his career, family and social recognition. However, if anyone who sufferers with this go through a right consultation process can come out of this to ensure they fall in the right track to live a life with happiness and dignity.

Today the media play a big part in making sex addicts as they give too much of emphasis for sex while displaying having sex with many and experiencing diverse sex encounters a big deal. Sex toy producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and related product businesses promote sex as if it’s something you need to live for.

Dr Patrick Carnes, an expert on sexual complications suggests the following 10 signs that everyone need to be aware of,

  1. Cannot restrain your desire
  2. Desire to continue with the behavior.
  3. Even if you are aware of the consequences, you cannot stop your behavior.
  4. Involve in unsafe sex despite risks.
  5. Desire for unacceptable sex experiences
  6. Using sexual fantasies as a way to cope with difficult feelings or situations.
  7. Need sex constantly to always feel good.
  8. Suffer from a feeling that continues to flare up around sexual activity.
  9. Spend plenty of time to plan, conduct, or regret and do more sexual activity.
  10. Ignoring social activities, the activities office, and recreational activities are important for the sake of sex.

When one recognizes the above behavioral issues, the most important steps that you can take is to recognize that sexual addiction is a real problem and cannot go away or it will disappear by itself. You must choose to change the attitude and be personally responsible for the recovery of the disorder. Such steps will help you to minimize unacceptable behavior and encourage you to take steps to change towards the sexual lifestyle that is healthier to you and your family.

Services such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, an international website which provides information on assistance, www.saa-recovery.org or at the British Association of Sexual and Relationship therapists, the organization that offer personal sex therapist directory at: www.basrt.org.uk are few support  groups an addict can sought help from.

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