Where To Kiss A Woman To Turn Her On

Where To Kiss A Woman To Turn Her On

Turning a woman on can at times be a little more tricky that many of us would like to admit. However, there are many tricks to help turn a woman on and get her juices flowing! First of all, when trying to turn a woman on, you need to know which are a woman’s top erogenous zones. Don’t know what they are? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find out!

Are you looking for the sexiest spots to kiss a woman to make her wet? Perfect! For more about where to kiss a woman to turn her on, keep reading here.


Places to kiss a woman to turn her on: erogenous zones

As we’ve already said, the first thing you need to do when trying to turn a woman on is to educate yourself about her body! Erogenous zones on a woman are those areas with heightened sensitivity which, when touched, kiss or rubbed can arouse a woman sexually.

So, where are the sensitive places to kiss a woman? Keep reading to find out!


Places to kiss a woman to turn her on: lips

This may sound obvious, but many people don’t actually kiss during sex! But why? Many believe that if someone doesn’t kiss you during sex, it’s a sign that they are no longer interested in you and therefore are only enjoying the pleasure of making love, rather than the person with whom they are making love with.

Kissing on the lips is SO important! Did you know that kissing on the lips sends a chemical reaction to the brain activating the hormone oxytocin? Oxytocin, often referred to also as the ‘love drug’, is that feeling you get when you cuddle and kiss. Surely you’ve felt that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you receive affection from the person you care for. What better way to make a woman feel aroused then by making sure she feels wanted and safe?

Opening your mouth and adding tongue to your kiss can add arousal to this feeling of safety. In addition, the evolution of a closed-mouth kiss to an open- mouth kiss is often the first step in the journey to making love. Often, the more saliva that is shared in a kiss, the more turned on you will be.

For more, we recommend reading our article where we discuss what kisses turn a girl on the most.


How to turn a girl on physically: ear kissing

Kiss a woman on her ear and you’ll be sure to make her whimper from pleasure! Ears make up our list of some of the most powerful erogenous zones on the body and due to their numerous nerve endings, the feeling on have someone kiss your ear can easily make you tremble from desire. Start by gently kissing your woman’s ears softly, then add a little tongue and nibbles to take it to the next level!

As we’ve already stated before, kissing on the ears or neck do not only turn women on, but it can also drive your man crazy! For more, read how to kiss a man’s body.


Where do you kiss a girl to turn her on: neck

The next hot spot or erogenous zone where you can kiss a woman to turn her on is her neck. If you’ve ever been kissed on the nape of your neck, you’ll understand this feeling! But, why do neck kisses feel so good? A neck has several nerve endings that can be turned on by even the slightest feeling of breath in the sensitive area. Many people believe that neck kissing is only something women receive pleasure from, but don’t be fooled, men love it too! For more, you’ll love our article where we talk about how to give good neck kisses.


Where to kiss a girl to turn her on: breasts

Other than her vagina, breast’s are the next most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Stimulating the breasts and nipples can immediately make your woman wet. In addition, you can also stimulate the breasts while having sex to intensify a woman’s orgasm. Find out how to stimulate the breasts here!


Turn a woman on: hips

When kissing a woman, we recommend moving from the top of her body slowly kissing and ,making your way dpown. The aim of this is to activate all of her ‘hotspots’ as you journey down to her main erogenous zone. On the way, give her belly button and hips some loving! By kissing these areas, you’re showing her your trail leading to her vagina. Knowing what will happen next is a sure way to make her excited! But what happens once you get down to her vagina? Oral sex is often one of the most misunderstood practices by men and this is normal! The vagina is a complicated organ which needs to be touched and kissed correctly in order to make sure your woman feels good. And to help you do this, we recommend taking a look at how to give a woman oral sex.


Where do you kiss a girl to turn her on: inner thighs

What better way to make a woman want you more than by teasing her a little! Gently nibbling and kissing a woman’s inner thighs is a sure way to do this. But why? Well, being so close to her genitals in a sexual act is immediately stimulating. Ever heard of something being ‘‘so close but so far’’? Well, that’s the idea we’re going for! So, don’t forget to add this to one of the top most sensitive places to touch a woman.


Where to kiss a woman to drive her crazy: forehead

Last on our list is the forehead. Yes, we know, the forehead is not a very common body part one would imagine when thinking of exciting a woman sexually. But, what many people forget, is that many women feel aroused more easily if they care for the man. So, other than the obvious ‘hotspots’ we’ve already mentioned, making a woman feel safe, secure and loved is, in addition, a definite way of making her feel more turned on in your presence!


What does a forehead kiss mean?

Forehead kisses are incredibly intimate gestures which often tell a woman you care for her more than just sexually. Over the years, forehead kisses have gained significance as a representation of love, care and protection. Giving a woman or girl you like a forehead kiss is a way of telling her she can feel secure with you.

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