7 Things You Should Never Tell To Anyone

7 Things You Should Never Tell To Anyone

As social creatures, we naturally tend to share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others. However, there are certain things that should never be disclosed to anyone, no matter how close we are to them.


7 Things You Should Never Tell To Anyone:

1. Your long term plans.

Wise people warn that you should never reveal your long term plans to anyone. Wait until they are realized.

Our plans and ideas are not just vulnerable, they also get stained when we reveal them to other people. They can’t see the image we see.


2. Your good deeds.

Good deeds are graceful and rare in this world. They should be kept as pure as your eyes.

Bragging about your good deeds eradicates the grace and shines a light directly onto your pride.


3. Your asceticism.

Whatever you are consciously depriving yourself of, avoiding alcohol, physical pleasures, certain food, or other types of indulgences, is meant solely for your character.

Don’t live your life so that you can tell others about it. Everybody has their own way of doing things, as well as their own choices.

Do what makes you happy. Revealing your asceticism to others steers your intent from becoming a better person to appearing as a better person. It’s not for self-discipline anymore.


4. Your heroism.

Wise people say that a real hero comes silently, from the inside.

Heroes do what they do not so others would know, but because THEY know what is the right thing to do deep inside their hearts. They believe in their cause and they don’t need to get approval from anyone.

Most heroic acts are outer, and people acknowledge these acts, they worship them. But inner acts of heroism are what always prevails. Inner acts of heroism create real heroes.


5. Your family problems.

What happens inside your family, the moments you share with your significant other, your private life, all that should remain private.

You should have a consideration of other people’s privacy. The details you know about your family members and your partner, you know them for a reason. You are close to them.

Others who might be close to you, are not close to them. Don’t break these “walls” without their permission. It’s like borrowing a toy from a person who trusts you and giving that toy to someone else to play with it. It’s not your toy to give.


6. Your secrets and unpleasant facts you know about other people.

The same way you can make your shoes dirty, you can make your consciousness dirty.

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