4 Ways to Get a Woman to Think About You Non-Stop

4 Ways to Get a Woman to Think About You Non-Stop


Are you interested in getting a woman to think about you non-stop? Maybe you're crushing on someone and want to know how to make her see you as more than just a friend. Or perhaps you're in a new relationship and want to keep the sparks flying. Whatever your situation may be, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of staying on her mind.


First and foremost, it's important to remember that you can't force someone to feel a certain way about you. However, there are ways to create a connection and build attraction that can make you more memorable to her. In this article, we'll explore four strategies that you can use to get a woman to think about you non-stop.


The first strategy is to be present in her life. This means spending quality time with her, listening to her when she speaks, and showing interest in her hobbies and interests. By being attentive and engaged, you can create a sense of closeness and emotional connection that can make you more memorable to her. So, if you want to get a woman to think about you non-stop, it's important to show her that you're invested in her life and well-being.


1. Listen to her when she talks, and later, show her that you listened. 

She suddenly feels attracted to a guy she only ever saw as a friend

This is stupid easy but many men and women forget about it and fail to be a good listener. When my husband and I started dating, we were long distance, and what surprised me the most is that we would have conversations that last four or five hours, and later,  he would remember one little detail about something I said in that conversation. 

It blew my freakin’ mind. 

I always wondered, “How did he DO that? How did he listen to me SO clearly that he actually HEARD the words that I was saying and tapped in, remembered something about them and brought them up later in conversation?” 

That would dazzle me and make me think about him, because it made me want to return the favor. 

I also wanted HIM to know that I was thinking about HIM! And then I started listening to what HE was saying way more intently because I didn’t want to miss anything. 

For example, I told him at one point that in high school, I had lost being prom queen by ONE point. A couple of weeks later, he made a comment about it, and it STILL gives me warm fuzzies to think that he remembered that much detail. STILL makes me tingle. 

It made me realize that he was thinking about me on a level that wasn’t just surface or physical. He was actually listening to me when I spoke. It really matters, gentlemen! Listening is a very important thing, whether it’s just a fling or a serious relationship.


2. Be unpredictable!

spontaneous couple

Predictable, patterned behavior does not register as anything special. If you do the same thing all the time, her brain is going to file you under “Stuff That Doesn’t Change”. You’re not going to stand out, and you’re not going to stay on her mind. 

If you want to stay on her mind, you have to shake it up a little bit.

For example, one time my husband and I were getting out of the elevator at our apartment after a rough week. We had just moved in together and it was a transition for both of us. As the elevator opened, he looked at me and said, “IT’S A RACE!” and then he sprinted down the hallway toward our apartment. 

It was so unpredictable, I still remember it to this day. He made that moment extra special and extra exciting, and it taught me that unpredictability can happen at any time. 

You could walk into a restaurant and say “I’m gonna take one of every taco on this menu” and she’ll never forget it because she wasn’t expecting it. 


3. Don’t try to be everything to her. 

Create a private sexual connection to make her think about you nonstop

You can’t be! This is an exercise in futility! You both will wind up hating yourself if you try to be every little thing to her. You can’t be confidant, best friend, coach, priest, mom, cousin, uncle, dog, cat, assistant, boss, secretary, biggest fan, toughest critic… you get my point. 

But at the same time, don’t try and act like you don’t care about her, which is what that other relationship coach’s nonsense advice was.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be a nice guy and great potential partner. You should be 100% honest with her and tell her that you’re interested in her, that you’re attracted to her, and that you want to be in a relationship with her. But that doesn’t mean you should try to be everything to her all at once. That will make you fail, overexert you, and she will not think about you all the time in a positive way. (Although she might think about you in a negative way, and that’s not what we’re going for here.)


4. Be awesome!

man cooking food

Have your own life, have your own hobbies and passions, hone your skills, love what you do, and be good at what you do. 

Being your best self isn’t rocket science, but you’d think it was based on how few people actually achieve awesomeness. So just think: the things that make you awesome, you already kinda know! You should continue to pursue those as you’re pursuing her! If that means being great at cooking, than continue to whip up that tasty vodka sauce! Be awesome, and then women will have more sexual attraction for you.


5. Make sure your last interaction is a good one. 

When you leave the party or date, make sure you end on a sweet spot. Human beings tend to remember the last thing they experience instead of the first. Make sure that the last interaction you have with that person is awesome. And if you’re going to follow tip #6 and always leave them wanting more, than you can choose to leave on a high note!

You can say “Wow, that was an amazing kiss, you are such a great kisser, I can not wait to kiss you again the next time that I see you, because I’ve gotta run, but thanks for everything.” 

UNNFFF YESSS!!! This is a great way to build sexual tension until the next date.


6. Be Positive. 

man talking to woman

Unless you want her to remember you for how much you complained, BE POSITIVE! And help HER shift her mindset to be more positive! If she starts to complain, try to turn it around and make the situation more positive. People love being around positive people. 

There is a huge lack of real, genuine positivity in the world today. Choose not to engage with gossip, name calling, in being negative, in complaining…

“But what if that crummy hostess at that crummy restaurant gave away our reservation?!” Let’s use this as an opportunity to explore the neighborhood and grab cheap tacos. (Today’s blog post is about tacos, by the way. I didn’t know that when I started writing this, but it’s tacos.)  Let’s use this as an opportunity to get to know this neighborhood and each other, but let’s NOT use this as an opportunity to bitch and moan the entire time. 

Turn everything into a positive experience and refuse to engage in negativity. If you are a delight and a treasure to be around because you are positive, she will want to develop an emotional connection with you! Trust me!


7. Make lasting memories by introducing risk. 

Think back on all the amazing memories that stick out in your head — those moments where you can remember the tastes and smells and sounds and what everything was like in those moments. I guarantee you, they all included some amount of risk or even discomfort, whether that was physical risk or emotional risk. 

Vulnerability (emotional risk) or taking big chances like going skydiving for the first time (physical risk) — you remember that sort of thing. To boost sexual attraction and even start long-term relationships, you need to make real life memories that last.

To make lasting memories, it helps if you have beautiful scenery, it helps if this is a unique or first time experience, but if there’s no risk, then it’s not very rewarding. 

Do something that feels a little dangerous together like rock climbing. Or go on a hike together! These activities are more likely to be memorable and will stay on her mind longer. 


8. Be great in bed!

couple during foreplay

This goes without saying but I included it in this list regardless. BE GOOD IN BED!

The quality of your sexual relationship matters. Your sexual relationship impacts your intimacy and emotional connection… and impacts the strength of your relationship.

Learn everything you can about how to make a woman feel amazing, women’s anatomy, watch all the videos on my YouTube channel…do whatever you gotta do to become an amazing lover.

No one stays on your mind better than that guy that used his tongue to make you see God yesterday. YOU REMEMBER THAT GUY. You know what I’m talking about, too because you’ve had those amazing sexual experiences when you go to work the next day and you literally can’t stop thinking about last night and you’re at work texting her saying “Do you REMEMBER LAST NIGHT because that shit was AMAZING” and she’s like “yeah I remember – I keep biting my lip all through this meeting thinking about it.”



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