What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You

What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You

Trends keep changing, and the same holds true for nail trends too. As much as you try and keep abreast with the changing trends, there is a certain nail shape that you will always keep going back to, either because your nails are naturally shaped that way or because you totally identify with that shape. That’s a sign! It is saying something about you. Listen carefully…

1. The Mild-Tempered Romanticist With Vertically Long Nails

If your nails are vertically long, your mind is likely to be under constant conflict all the time because of the fact that both the sides of your brain are equally developed. You are extremely imaginative, but increasingly logical too. You are creative and meticulous. Your surroundings overwhelm you quite easily, so you tend to get deceived by the world.

2. The Short-Tempered Theorist With Broad Nails

Women with broad nails are more inclined to use their left brain. They are eloquent and speak their mind. They can be impatient and short-tempered. And more so towards the emotional right-brained mortals who tend to let their hearts rule over their heads.

3. The Laid-Back Pacifist With Round Nails

You are the most happy-go-lucky person to be around. You do things at your pace. If there is ever a brawl around you, you play the mediator, and a good one at that! You are a social butterfly with a bright and happy persona. But sometimes, being so cool can make it hard for people to trust you.

4. The Serious Tough Nut With Square Nails 

You are perseverant and have great guts, and these are among your best qualities. But being so serious and hardworking tends to make you quite stubborn. You need to loosen up a little – being open and flexible will make your ride smoother.

5. The Sensitive Genius With Triangle Nails

You are the one with all the new ideas. You notice the finer details that others miss. You are the creative one. You can be pushy and sensitive. You absolutely cannot stand indiscreet people.

6. The Most Honest And Faithful With Almond-Shaped Nails 

You are extremely sincere and are also blessed with a vivid imagination. You are polite, but you have a low tolerance level. You tend to get angry when you face unpleasant and uncomfortable situations.

7. The Ambitious Idealist With Sword-Shaped Nails 

Being extremely hardworking, you make sure you reach all your goals. You work hard even on things you don’t like doing, especially if you know that you will progress if you do so. You can be impatient and non-cooperative with people who are relaxed and don’t keep up with your pace.

Who knew that something as simple as your nails could say so much about you? Well, as shocking as that might be, don’t forget to keep them groomed. Think carefully before you pick a shape the next time you go in for a manicure. You never know who is judging you!

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