These blend of Only 2 Ingredients Completely Removes Tartar and Stains from Your Teeth

These blend of Only 2 Ingredients Completely Removes Tartar and Stains from Your Teeth

The smile is the letter of introduction of the people and although many do not take care of their teeth properly, it is the first thing in which the rest of them are fixed, that is why it is very important to maintain a teeth that are impeccable and free of tartar. Which is vital to maintain good oral hygiene.

It is also possible that although you maintain an adequate oral hygiene day after day, tartar is formed and your teeth appear yellowish, it is normal for teeth to always build up in dental plaque formed by bacteria that can affect not only the appearance of The teeth, but also can cause problems in our oral health, which is why we recommend performing a cleaning on the teeth at least once a year, however not everyone like to go to the dentist.

Even if you do not believe it is possible to have impeccable teeth without going to the dentist or expensive treatments, we will be teaching you how to do so.

Dental plaque is an unpleasant layer of bacteria that is gradually forming on the teeth and gums, usually in the area between the gum and the tooth and it may happen that when it is adhered , Even when we brush our teeth can not be eliminated, this is because as time goes by it is hardening and is a focus for more bacteria to stick to our teeth.

This layer of bacteria can cause many problems in our oral health, such as the appearance of decay due to weakening of the tooth, and periodontal gingivitis causing damage to our teeth and affecting our smile.

So if you want to have a few impeccable teeth without going to the dentist and get rid of that unpleasant tartar to have healthy, white and clean teeth, you must follow our advice and perform the following home treatment.



To perform this home treatment that will help you have flawless teeth, you will only need 30 grams of walnut shell powder and water.

The procedure is very simple, just put several walnut shells in a pan and include the water, place it in the stove and leave it boiling for about 15 minutes, after that time remove it from the fire and let it rest until it cools.

Then submerge your toothbrush with this mixture and brush your teeth for about 5 minutes, rinse your mouth thoroughly and repeat this treatment three times a day: morning, afternoon and night, likewise we recommend using apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash so Alone once a week, after rinsing your mouth with it, be sure to rinse only with water, as leaving it on your teeth or doing it constantly can damage the enamel of your teeth.

Remember that the bacteria in your mouth multiply easily with the frequent consumption of sugars, so try to avoid them and do not wait any longer, do this treatment and enjoy impeccable teeth.

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