Natural Home Remedy to Cure Sinusitis

Natural Home Remedy to Cure Sinusitis

During winter or colder times in our respective countries, people who usually suffer from sinus inflammation begin to experience symptoms such as severe headaches that not even the strongest medications can completely eliminate.

If these headaches and inflammation of the sinuses are part of we had, then we offer you the solution. It is a simple natural remedy but it is very effective and will help you.

You only need two ingredients: fresh horseradish and white vinegar.

You must grate the horseradish and mix with half a liter of white vinegar. Keep the preparation in a glass bottle and cover well. Leave to stand for ten days at room temperature and shake occasionally.

Once the ten days have elapsed, uncover the bottle and inhale for five minutes. With the same fluid you must moisten a rag and place it in your neck at night. The treatment lasts five days and the strong smell of horseradish will free you from the nasty headache caused by sinusitis.

Another option is to grate 50 grams of horseradish, place in a pot with water and heat for a few minutes. Once the vapors start to come out, remove them from the fire and begin to inhale with a towel that covers the head that will prevent the steam escaping.

Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics and analgesics for these types of conditions, but these home remedies will save you time and money. In addition, in many cases the home remedy may be more durable than the one offered by the medications.

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