Reduce Bad Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure With This Mixture!

Reduce Bad Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure With This Mixture!

CDC or its full name Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that heart disease is number one killer for people, both women and man. Every 43 second in the US a person losses its life due to this disease. The greatest things that provoke this disease are high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

If you reduce you cholesterol and keep your blood pressure normal, you will lower the possibility of being affected by some heart disease like a stroke or a heart attack. So, we know how difficult is to change your life for 180 degrees and start taking care of your health. However, if you practice every day, you take on a diet good for your heart and in general you decide to live healthy you will increase your chances of avoiding these issues. We know that in order to accomplish this you will need to commit and to be disciplined, but is worth the shot.

Furthermore, apart from these tips you can also try to use a very helpful mixture in order to take care of your blood pressure and bad cholesterol. What makes this mixture so good, according to many people who have used it? Everything is about the ingredients that it is consisted of, they have a lot of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics.

The mixture is made of 5 ingredients and they can be found at every household almost the whole time. You should consume a half teaspoon before eating your meals in small doses every day for a couple of times and your cholesterol and blood pressure will improve.

Now we will give you the recipe and then we will explain you why and how this mixture helps you. Plus, we will give you a couple of helpful advises to keep normal the blood pressure and cholesterol:


  • ½ lemon (juice)
  • ½ teaspoon of grated ginger
  • 1 garlic clove (minced)
  • 1 tablespoon of raw and organic honey
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


1. With an electric mixture machine, mix all the ingredients and blend them until you get a smooth texture

2. Add the texture into a clean jar and put it into the fridge.

As you can see it is a mixture pretty easy to make and very helpful in reducing your bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. So, as we said before you will consume 1 teaspoon before your meals and you will stop consuming it when you are completely satisfied with the results.

The garlic is necessary in the mixture because it is a natural product that can lower your cholesterol and can make your blood thinner, in this way also it protects you from having a heart-attack, a stroke or to develop blood clots. Then, ginger is an extraordinary anti-inflammatory product, which is very good in stopping the deposition of plaque and cholesterol into the arterial walls. Next, honey it is the perfect antioxidant and that is why it can reduce you cholesterol and also your blood sugar levels. The same goes for the apple cider vinegar, it is also helpful for reducing blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol.

Very important, if you don’t like the taste of the mixture, no need to worry. You can add some water to the mixture in order to dilute the mixture and soften the taste and you can put it into your smoothie, which is maybe the best thing to do.

Furthermore, there are some scientifically proven things that help in reducing the blood pressure and cholesterol which are very important to know. If you use them in a combination with the mixture you will have a safe, healthy process of reduction of the blood pressure and cholesterol. They are the following ones:

1. You should be doing aerobic exercises every day for 30 minutes and approximately for 5 times a day, not less.

2. You should consume a lot of vegetables and fruits.

3. Allow yourself to consume a small quantity of dark chocolate from time to time.

4. If you are a woman drink 1 glass of red wine per day, if you are a man 2 glasses of red wine per day.

5. Fight against the stress and try to relax.

6. Stay away from food with saturated fats, sugar and sodium.

7. Forget about the cigarettes.

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