This Is The Healthiest Food In The World See What It Can Cure!

This Is The Healthiest Food In The World See What It Can Cure!

Date palms are said to be the healthiest fruit on the planet, due to the exceptional nutritional value. In fact, dates can successfully treat a wide plethora of diseases.  Below you have a list of some of the health benefits:

Prevent Stroke

Date palms are abundant in potassium, which in turn regulates the function of the nervous system. It has been scientifically shown that higher potassium intake (400mg) can lower the risk of stroke by up to 40%.

Reduce Blood Pressure

People who suffer from hypertension may benefit a lot from the consumption of dates. They are rich in potassium but low in sodium. Moreover, standard serving of 5-6 date palms provides 80 mg of magnesium, a mineral which spreads the blood vessels. According to a research, 370 mg of magnesium a day reduce blood pressure levels.

Lower Cholesterol

Dates are great food for people with high cholesterol levels as they reduce the LDL cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol levels can be quite dangerous as they may lead to blood clots and other heart-related issues.

Strengthen the Heart

Soak date palms in water overnight and remove the seeds in the morning.  Grind the seeds along with the water they have been soaked in during the night.  Take this remedy a couple of times daily to strengthen the heart.

Regulate Body Weight

Dates provide a feeling of satiety and help with weight loss. They also regulate the bowel movements and supply the body with the sugar it needs. However, you shouldn’t consume them in large quantities, as their high sugar content may lead to weight gain. One kilogram of date palms contains 3,000 calories, the minimum daily requirement for a physically active person.

Cure Constipation

Dates promote faster and easier digestion of foods. Soak a few of them overnight and consume their juice in the morning. This juice acts as laxative and it regulates the function of your bowels. In America dates are sold as drugs and are being prescribed for constipation.

Stop Diarrhea

As mentioned in the very beginning, dates contain potassium, a mineral which stops diarrhea. Moreover, they renew the gut flora and stimulate the production of beneficial gut bacteria.

Increase Sexual Stamina

Put a few date palms in goat milk and let them soak overnight. Mix them with the milk and add honey and cardamom. Both men and women can consume this drink to boost energy and strengthen the body.

Excellent Source of Iron

Dates are abundant in iron and are great food for anemic patients. As a matter of fact, 100 g of dates contain nearly 0.90 mg of iron, which is 11% of the RDI of iron. Iron is part of the hemoglobin in red blood cells and as such, it is responsible for the transmission of oxygen in the blood. Children in puberty and pregnant women have the highest requirements of iron.

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