How to activate your FAT burning hormones in just 3 steps!!

 How to activate your FAT burning hormones in just 3 steps!!

If you do away with all sugar-rich foods, sweet fruits, starchy vegetables, snacking, as well as half of your carbs, more so the grains, and then workout with light weights for half an hour every other day, your body will build new muscle from the protein while burning fat for energy for the next 12 to 48 hours after the workout.

In that regard, we present you a challenging but extremely effective 3-step fat burning strategy:

Step 1:

Stop Consumption of Every Kind of Sugar

Avoid starchy vegetables
Avoid all fruit juice. Take only fruits low in sugar, like apples

Avoid all sorts of sweets or any product containing any kind of sugar or sweetener.
No alcohol, cereals, candy, cookies, and processed foods.

This should be done because when your body has simple carbohydrates, it will simply utilize the calories or energy from that source and won’t bother burning any available fat reserves.


Step 2:

Eat Plenty of Vegetables With Beans.

Have steamed, fried, or juiced greens for breakfast
Have large salad servings for lunch and dinner
Vegetables should make up 50% of your every meal

Raw vegetables and steamed cruciferous vegetables are the best. This is because it takes more energy/calories to digest raw vegetables and given their high fiber, they are very cleansing, hence excellent for weight loss.

Juicing vegetables daily

While this is also beneficial, it’s not as cleansing as fresh vegetables. If you’ve blood sugar, dark greens such as kale, celery, spinach, and parsley are ideal for you you. To prepare a heavier juice with high protein concentration, add string beans, cauliflower, and asparagus. You can also add limes to sweeten it.

Use only vegetable protein, minimize carbohydrates and add healthy oil/fat

Replace all animal proteins with legumes
Instead of using butter, use coconut oil; for olive oil, use sunflower instead.
Slowly minimize carbohydrates, like rice and other whole grains, to half servings

Meals of beans with plenty of vegetable and some whole-grains with a little oil are recommended. This is because protein is essential for your body to build new muscles and tissue due to the light weight training. Moreover, both protein and oil/fat are quite satiating for the body and suppress cravings


Step 3:

Eat Less – Diligently follow a tight eating schedule

Avoid eating anything after 7 pm.
No fruit juices; drink only lemon water or herbal tea between meals
Eat small portions of food every day. You can also take only 2 meals or decide to have a salad for dinner

The body burns fat between meal. Hence, the longer the period between the meals, the more fat you’ll burn. You can have a late breakfast and early diner, or skip dinner occasionally. You should never snack or skip meals, especially breakfast.

You can follow this program for a couple of weeks.


Step 4 – Bonus Step

  • Include some light weight training and juice fasting
  • Do half and hour every other day
  • Perform 10 minutes of solid cardio first, such as running or cycling to break a sweat and raise your heart rate
  • Perform at least 2 sets, resting 1-2 minutes in between the sets
  • Every set should be done until you experience some muscle strain.
  • Perform some cardio in order to warm up and cool down, but concentrate on the weight training to build muscle.

If you can’t manage daily work out, then consider juice fasts an eating only two meals a day. A juice fast will further push the body to shed more kilos if this kind of therapy is appropriate or even necessary.

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