6 tips to get your pre baby body back in no time | Postpartum tips

One of the biggest fears you have when you are pregnant is not being able to get back to your pre baby body, am I right?

During the last few weeks of my pregnancy my stomach got so big! I knew my body was going to look extremely different after I gave birth.

6 tips to get your pre baby body back in no time | Postpartum tips

When you are pregnant your uterus grows and your stomach stretches. After pregnancy, your uterus begins to shrink and you are left with lose skin on your belly and sometimes uninvited extra weight.

I’ve been told that our bodies are never the same after we have a baby. So I had tried to mentally prepare myself to accept my new body. But, after delivering my baby I realized how unhappy I was with the change. I didn’t feel confident anymore and I had to do something about it.

So I did, I worked really hard and made sacrifices to lose the weight and tighten my belly again. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy. But, I did see results in just 2-3 months.

If you are a new mom and you are struggling to lose the baby weight or if you are pregnant and want to know what to do after you have your baby to get your body back, then please keep reading. I’ve listed 5 tips that will get you back to your pre baby body in no time!


1. Exercise
Exercising is the most important thing that you must do to get your pre baby body back. If you worked out before and during your pregnancy, guess what! It’s going to be easier to accomplish your body goal.

It’s completely safe to exercise during your pregnancy. It might even help induce labor. I was at the gym 5 times a week when I was pregnant, I would stretch, run, and even lift sometimes, up until the day that I gave birth to my son.

After the delivery, I allowed my body to heal for 40 days. Then, I returned to the gym and I went in hard! My partner is a former NFL player, he was my trainer. It was great to have his help because it helped me be consistent.

Hey mom, I know that you’ll be busy with your new baby. But I’m telling you, you have to make time to workout because consistency is the KEY. If you can’t go to the gym, do home workouts.


2. Support belt
This is a 3 in 1 Recovery Support Belt that you absolutely NEED after you have a baby. I wore this belt for 6 weeks and only removed it for a few minutes throughout the day to rest.

I really love this belt because you can make it as tight as you want. It was actually very uncomfortable because I would make it super tight but I just dealt with it. Yea! I wanted my body back that bad.

Anyway when you are pregnant your organs move out of place to make room for your baby, crazy right?

This belt also helps everything shift back into place. Throughout the 6 weeks you will notice your stomach getting tighter and tighter.

I slowly reduced the amount of time I would wear it for, until I felt I no longer needed it.


3. Eat Healthy
You really have to let go of junk food if you want to succeed in this journey.

You also have to eat the right foods to get proper nutrition.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to let it all go. The only reason I did it is because I was breastfeeding and I wanted my baby to eat good.

If you’re not breastfeeding, do it for YOU.


4. Body care products
After you have your baby, your stomach can become darker than the rest of your body because of the loose skin. You can also develop stretch marks after your pregnancy so, it’s important that you stay moisturized.

I used a few products to prevent stretchmarks during my pregnancy and I continued to use them after. They not only helped prevent stretch marks, but also brightened my skin.

The products I used are oils, butters and exfoliants that heal the skin, improve elasticity, lock moisture and even help reduce the appearance of existing stretchmarks.


5. Breastfeeding/ Pumping
Did you know that breastfeeding burns calories?

That’s right! I couldn’t believe it either but you burn hundreds depending on how much you are breastfeeding. On average you can burn an extra 200-500 calories a day.

I actually lost too much weight at one point. I was flat! I lost my butt and my thighs that’s why I mention #3, if you don’t have the proper nutrition you will end up looking like a tortilla.

I’m serious.


Tips for faster results
It’s not easy to get back to how your body was pre pregnancy. But know that if you set goals, make time and really push yourself. Then, you can accomplish anything!

Here are a few more tips you can follow for even faster results!

1. Have a set time for the gym and focus on stomach workouts.

2. If you don’t buy it, you don’t eat it. So don’t buy junk!

3. If you can, breastfeed exclusively.

4. Use products when you wake up, before bed and throughout the day.

5. The belly band can be uncomfortable but wear as much as you can, especially in the beginning.


Truth is, you won’t see results unless you are consistent. So just do it!


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