The Reason Why Dates Are the World Number 1 Food against Hypertension, Heart Attack, Stroke and Cholesterol!

If you have been searching for the most beneficial food in the world, we have some good news for you! You just found it!

The Reason Why Dates Are the World Number 1 Food against Hypertension, Heart Attack, Stroke and Cholesterol!

We recommend you to include dates in your everyday diet not only because they contain a lot of extremely healthy properties but also because they are able to sooth many health problems such as heart attacks, cholesterol, hypertension and strokes.


Due to their richness in nutrients, dates will build up the metabolism of the body. You will be able to improve the quality of life since they are very healthy for you and your body.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should include dates in your everyday diet:

This incredible fruit is a great source of iron.
Dates are the perfect solution for those people who suffer from anemia, children and pregnant women due to their richness in iron. You will only have to consume 100 grams of dates per day in order to satisfy the recommended daily intake of iron.

They mainly contain 0.9 mg of iron, which is about 11% of the daily iron requirement. By including dates in your everyday diet you will be able to achieve positive effects on the red blood cells and hemoglobin. They will support the flow of oxygen through the blood.

Dates are an excellent solution against diarrhea.
Besides being rich in iron, dates also contain a great amount of potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral that prevents diarrhea.

By consuming more of this fruit you will stimulate more effective bacteria which will result in relieving the belly flora and the intestines.

Dates soothe constipation.
You will be able to soothe diarrhea and constipation with the consumption of dates due to their relieving properties. In order to do that, you just need to put the dates in water and leave them like that during the night.

Drink the water in the morning right after waking up in order to increase good digestion. By doing this you will achieve laxative and mild effects.

Dates arethe perfect fruit for controlling body weight.
You should eat dates on an empty stomach if you want to prevent the occurrence of excessive fat. Namely, since they do not have cholesterol, you will be able to control the weight of your body. Be careful while consuming them since they are also rich in sugar.

Dates regulate the cholesterol levels.
Since they cleanse the blood vessels and prevent any blood clots, dates can be very useful in the regulation of the unhealthy cholesterol, which is also known as LDL.

This amazing fruit is also capable of strengthening the heart.
Soak the dates during the night. In the morning, strain them and put out the seeds. You can either eat or blend the seeds. By doing this you will strengthen your heart.

Dates regulate blood pressure levels.
Since dates are rich in potassium and do not contain sodium, they are perfect for people who are mainly suffering from hypertension.

Namely, 5 to 6 dates contain 80 mg of magnesium, and approximately 370 mg of magnesium are useful for decreasing the blood pressure.

Magnesium is an extremely beneficial mineral that is spread through the blood vessels. This results in improving the flow of the blood and lowering the blood pressure levels.

Dates prevent strokes.
As we mentioned before, dates contain a great amount of potassium. This mineral is extremely beneficial since it improves the nervous system and prevents the occurrence of strokes.

You will have no worries if you consume 400 mg of potassium a day.

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