What Is The Dirtiest Part Of Your Body? Actually, It’S Not Just One, But 9 Dirty Parts!

What is the dirtiest part of your body? Although you would think differently, there are actually 9 dirty parts of your body!

When people are asked what is the dirtiest part of your body, the immediate answer that would come to mind is probably the anus. However, that’s so far from the truth.

What Is The Dirtiest Part Of Your Body? Actually, It’S Not Just One, But 9 Dirty Parts!


Actually, there are 9 different parts of your body that are filled with bacteria that you are not aware of. In fact, many scientists were interested in this subject years back, and they have discovered that more than 600 types of bacteria lives in your tongue, mouth and many other parts that you wouldn’t even think of.

1. Tongue
  • Bacteria sticks firmly to your tongue, and if you don’t brush it along with your teeth, it can stay there for years. When the tongue has bacteria, it changes color to white or yellow. To do something about it, you should get a tongue cleaner and each time you brush your teeth, brush your tongue as well, then wash it with the cleaner.
2. Mouth
  • Same as with the tongue, bacteria is in there somewhere. These 600 different types of bacteria make your mouth one of the dirtiest parts of your body, though you would say otherwise. Naturally, you brush your teeth every day, you floss, but still, this part of your body is filled with bacteria.
3. Nasal cavity
  • Whenever you breathe with your nose, you put some kind of bacteria in it. Although you cannot spot it, bacteria stay in your nose, more precisely in the hair of the nose. That’s why you need to consider cleaning your nose every day as well.
4. Armpits
  • Pay attention now: your armpits have 80,000 bacteria! Now you understand why it smells bad, right? Though your antiperspirants and deodorants smell nice, they cannot kill bacteria. Washing your armpits with an antibacterial soap would be the best solution.
5. Finger nails
  • You might have heard about the bacteria that live in your nails. Of course, you could remove bacteria with proper hygiene, however, a word of warning: if you have long nails, you carry deadly bacteria with you! You need to pay special attention on cleaning your nails with antibacterial soaps and gels.
6. Ears
  • The ear wax is actually great for your inner ear health. It protects the canal from insects and bacteria and provides it lubrication. But, we all clean the wax out because it looks disgusting. The wax actually puts the ear in this category of dirtiest body parts.
7. Bottoms
  • See how your bottom is so down on the list? This is because it is not the only dirty part of your body. Why it is dirty is needless to discuss. Clean it properly and you won’t have any serious problems.
8. Head
  • Sometimes, your head itches and you immediately determine that it’s dandruff. On the contrary, dandruff is not the only head and hair enemy. Bacteria can get appear on your head and eat your scalp. Washing your hair regularly would solve this problem.
9. Belly bottom
  • Now, this would probably sound funny, yet, it is true. Think about it: when you’re taking a shower, do you pay special attention on cleaning your belly button? Probably not. You take your belly bottom for granted. Unfortunately, this can cost you your life. Bacteria develops, spreads through your navel, causing naval stone that finally results in tumor. Remember: clean your belly button every day!

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