7 Exercises to Quickly Eliminate Belly Fat And Get The Summer Shape

There is no doubt that when it comes to our overall body aesthetic, the number one issue which can ruin the entire posture and image of an individual is excess belly fat. With that in mind, belly fat also affects self-confidence and personality. That is the reason why millions of people around the world are on an every-day quest to find the best way to drop this excess belly fat, whether it is through exercising, dieting or other methods.

7 Exercises to Quickly Eliminate Belly Fat And Get The Summer Shape

We found this to be a reason good enough to dedicate an article to losing belly weight fast and simple, and the things we are going to focus on are a healthy diet, the right exercises, and the abdominal area.

Best Exercises for Dropping Belly Fat


Start off by lying down on the floor, with your lower back pressed onto the ground. Place your hands on the sides of your head, before elevating your shoulders off the floor and curling your legs towards the rib cage at the same time. After you raise your torso up, go back to the initial position and start again. Do 5-10 sets or as many as you can.

2. Walkout from Push-Ups

Get into a pushup position, and place your hands two inches wider than your shoulders before walking forward with your hands as much as you can and going back afterwards. Do 12 reps and if you want to increase the intensity, keep one leg up in the air.

3. Bicycle Exercise

Despite what the name says, this exercise doesn’t involve riding a bicycle. In fact, you just have to lie on the ground with your lower back firmly pressed on the floor. Place your hands on each side of your head and lift your legs from the ground up, before bending them at the knees. Once done, start pulling the right knee close to your rib cage, while keeping your left leg out. When you are bringing up your right knee, try to touch it with your left elbow. Repeat the same procedure with your right elbow and left knee.

4. Squat Thrust

While in straight standing position, put your hands to the floor in front of your feet, and jump with your feet in a plank position, before jumping with the feet back to the hands. This is similar to a squat jump but requires far more preparation.

5. Jumping Jacks

All you have to do with this exercise is breathe in and out while jumping, and try to do quicker repetitionsas possible for 30 seconds straight.

6. Cycling

This is another effective method of burning belly fat as well as shaping the abdominal muscles. By adding cycling to your workout session, not only will it shape your belly and eliminate the fat, but it will also improve your overall body posture and lower your stress to a minimum.

7. Cardio Workout

Everything which involves dancing, brisk walking, kickboxing, running as well as other exercises adding cycling increase your heartbeat and have you sweating like never before are also highly recommended for burning belly fat. To achieve the best results, do half an hour of cardio exercises 4-5 times per week.

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