How to unlock the sciatic nerve: 2 simple ways to relieve the pain

The sciatic nerve begins in the lumbar spine and passing through the buttocks, stretches to the foot. Therefore, the pain when cramping is felt particularly strongly.

Usually the term "pinched/pinching of the sciatic nerveinvolves the loss of elasticity and flexibility of the muscles of the rear surface of the foot. It is often associated with the process of age-related shortening (rigidity) of the muscles, which can begin after 30-35 years.

How to unlock the sciatic nerve: 2 simple ways to relieve the pain

Traditional treatment involves diagnosis and purpose of medication. But don't be confined to taking painkillers. Believe me, if during treatment you will perform simple exercises to stretch muscles, the pain will be forgotten soon.


Exercises with the pinching of the sciatic nerveExercises for stretching can be of great help as it helps to soothe inflammation and thereby relieve pain. Of course, they may be given a hard time, so perform the exercises slowly, on the exhale, increasing the tension.

1. Lie down on a flat surface, bend the leg where you feel the pain and gently pull it to the shoulder. When you feel tension, try to keep the leg in this position for 30 seconds. Recogni leg, lie down a little, do another 2 sets.

2. Again in the supine position bend your knees and gently pull them to your chest, without lifting your pelvis off the floor. Cross your legs as shown in the figure, and, clasping his healthy leg, pull. Hold down for 30 seconds, release and return to its original position. Do another 2 sets.

Remember that action is the most effective way of dealing with sciatica, as paradoxical as it may sound. So you're a challenging person blood circulation, eliminating stasis in the muscles and thereby speeding recovery.

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