Experiencing hair loss? – Here’s what to do

Hair loss is a very common problem. There is not one single lady that hasn’t experienced this problem.

Hair loss can be the result of many things such as: stress, seasonality and so on. At the moment you are struggling with increased loss of hair, so try to solve the problem using naturally.

In fact all you have to do is watch out for some types of food. The change in diet can be an effective way to solve the problem.

Experiencing hair loss? – Here’s what to do

Here’s the types of food which guarantee healthy hair and stops hair falling out.

1.     Salmon – The salmon is very rich on omega-3 fatty acids, which make it one of the best type of food which prevents hair loss. Food which contains omega-3 fatty acids is not only good for your brain, but for your hair as well. Other appropriate alternatives include: tuna, walnuts.

2.     Spinach – This vegetable is full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals which make it ideal for hair loss prevention. Spinach also strengthens out the bones and is good for the eyes as well.

3.     Carrots – The orange vegetable helps the production of oils which support the scalp. These oils are especially important when you are experiencing hair loss. Carrots contain vitamin A.  Lack of vitamin A is connected with hair loss.

4.     Lentil – Another good source of essential vitamins and minerals which are crucial for addressing the problem. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian use more lentil and beans. Also try with yogurt and nuts.

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