9 Cancer Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

Women’s bodies experience a vast number of changes from infancy to old age. During puberty, especially, there are a number of changes that can leave them utterly confused and stressed. While some of the changes are quite normal and necessary, there are some of them which may mimic the onset of some of the life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Hence, it is essential that every woman must know how to distinguish between the usual and unusual changes that might be linked with certain types of cancer.

9 Cancer Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

Knowing about the symptoms of cancer will lead to early detection and a cure in most of the cases. Here are some of the cancer symptoms women should never ignore. Read ahead and spread awareness among other women to ensure that they know when to meet a doctor:


Changes in Breasts
Skin dimpling, lumps, nipple discharge, redness or scaling of the nipple are some of the changes in breasts that indicate that there is something wrong. If a woman experiences any of such unusual changes, then it is advised that she should visit a cancer hospital like Max Healthcare to consult a specialist. They will conduct a physical exam and will ask about her medical history to detect signs of breast cancer. Our specialist will take a proper medical history, do physical examination and it required few tests will be done.

Unusual Bloating
Bloating is quite common among women. However, if it remains for a long time with more severity than the normal days, then it may be a sign of ovarian cancer. In such situation, they should undoubtedly visit the nearest hospital and consult the physician.

Between-Period Bleeding

Experiencing bleeding between the usual monthly cycles can also have many causes, with cervical and endometrial cancer being one of them. Post coital spotting or bleeding also needs urgent attention. Moreover, if they have reached menopause and still experience bleeding, then they should not wait and immediately consult a doctor.

Blood in urine or stool
Women should never ignore if they spot blood in their urine or stool as it is not normal. An immediate visit to the doctor is a must for blood in urine and stool as they can be early signs of cancer in kidney and lower gastrointestinal tract cancer respectively.

Loss in Weight
Though an unintended weight loss is not always an indication of cancer, it needs attention. Hence, to keep themselves away from the trouble, women should consult a doctor if they face an unexpected loss in weight.

Trouble in Swallowing
If there is a trouble in swallowing, persistent regurgitation and weight loss along with vomiting and weight loss, then it is necessary that one should get a check done from any of the best cancer hospitals in India.

Persistent Fatigue
Every woman works round the clock, and thus fatigue is not such an uncommon issue among them. However, if there is a persistent fatigue that never seems to go away, then it might be the sign of different types of cancer. Women, therefore, should pay attention to their chronic weakness and consult a doctor about it.

Chronic Cough
Coughing that lasts for more than 4 weeks is never a normal one. Moreover, if a woman also coughs up blood and experience shortness of breath, then she should immediately seek medical attention as these are most common symptoms of lung cancer, though can be tuberculosis also.

Constant Pain
Another symptom to look for is a consistent and unexplained pain in the body such as in chest, back, bone and brain. Consulting a doctor about such chronic pain is the best way to detect early signs of cancer and get the best cancer treatment in India to be healthy and safe.

Unusual skin changes, any lumps, persistent fever, loss of appetite and persistent wheezing are also some of the other cancer symptoms women should never push aside. Upon detection, women should seek medical attention from any of the best cancer hospitals. Such hospitals will not just detect the disease but also offer specialised treatment and trained guidance for a healthy tomorrow.

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