12 Everyday Stretches That Will Help You Stay Flexible And Fit At Any Age

12 Everyday Stretches That Will Help You Stay Flexible And Fit At Any Age

The first things first: Be seated with some good posture. Doing that will help you do these stretches correctly.

You should keep your chin back and also down so therefore your neck will be aligned with the rest oft he spine.
Neck rotation
You should start with some neck rotations but be sure to hold each side for 30 to 60 seconds. This applies to all stretches. In a slow way turn your head to your right and hold. Then face forward and then repeat tot he left.
Neck tilt
For this one, make sure to pull your left arm down toward the floor, by holding onto the chair or just pulling down. You should tilt your neck tot he right side and drape your right arm over your head near the left ear, then switch the sides and repeat.
Trunk rotation
By keeping your posture solid, move through your trunk rotations, again holding 30 to 60 seconds. Your should look over your shoulder with your arms being crossed, and rotate to your right. Then face forward and repeat tot he left.

To do this pose, a little bit of-bend is all you need. It is actually enough to stretch out your spine without going too far. Go a little bit back and bend to stretch the spine.

Trunk lateral flexion
The trunk lateral flexion will give the sides of your torso a great stretch. You should bend tot he side while reaching the opposite side hand in a diagonal way above your head. Then repeat on the other side.
Fold over
So now, it is time for a simple spine-stretching fold. Yous hall bend over in the chair, making sure the neck is on the safe position and also not hurting you.

Back-scratch stretch
For this one, make sure the top palm is facing towards your body while the bottom palm faces out.
Quad stretch
By staying vertical, go in  the classic quad stretch. While grabbing the top of the foot bend your knee so it will be extending straight towards the floor, then switch the foot and repeat on the other side.

Heel chord
For this one, you should feel your back leg’s muscles feeling the stretch, especially along the calf. While keeping your big toe on the wall and your both feet firmly planted, you should bend your front knee towards the wall. Thank switch legs and repeat.

Hip flexor
So now, take a mat and lie down. Your other leg shall remain firmly on the ground. With your one leg straight, bring the opposite knee to your chest. Switch the legs and repeat.

Leg extension
In case  you have an elastic strap, you should use it for this leg-extension stretch to get your leg even higher. While planting one foot on the ground, extend the other one into the air, best to a 90 degree angle. Then repeat with the other leg.

In order to finish it, you should stretch out the back of your thigh with this pose. In case  the stretch is too intense, bring the uncrossed leg out farther. While keeping your back and back down , fold the right ankle over the left thigh right above the knee, and then switch and repeat.

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