No One Knew That That Drinking From Copper Can Do This To Your Body, It’s Fascinating!

When choosing dishes, we most often opt for something that has patterns but at the same time is very minimalist. However, there are some things about your dishes that have to do more with your health than with your taste. That is why you should choose copper dishware!

No One Knew That That Drinking From Copper Can Do This To Your Body, It’s Fascinating!

It might sound weird that dishware might have anything with health, but believe us there is. The special thing about it is the material. For many years, people believed that there is something special about this kind of material. And as a matter of fact, there is.


It has been proved in studies that this material is a “destroyer” of a number of harmful materials. However, you have to keep in mind that too much copper might be harmful to your body. Nevertheless, there is a way to use the benefits of it, and you can do that if you drink from copper cups 4 times a week.


How does copper affect our health?

Through history, copper has been used for medical benefits by Vedic and Egyptians. They made vessels from it which kept the water fresh, thus making it safer to drink.

Stimulates the brain
Nobody wants to feel fatigued and slow. If you are feeling this way, then copper can help speed up your brain. It will stimulate the body to produce myelin sheaths which allow the synapses to go from one point to another.

Helps the digestive system

Copper helps the digestion by stimulation the muscles and helping them move the waste through the intestines. Moreover, it can destroy bacteria and eliminate harmful microorganisms which upset the stomach. However, as we said earlier, you shouldn’t intake too much copper because you might destroy the “good” bacteria.

Boosts the cardiovascular system
Supplementary copper helps open the blood vessels and reduce the arterial plaque thus preventing blockages. Keep in mind that this is not a solution for every kind of cardiovascular issue, but it does improve the general health of the cardiovascular system.

Supports the spleen and liver
This has not been scientifically proven. However, Vedic people claim that copper is healthy for the sleep, liver, and lymphatic system.

Soothes the joints
Copper can help with joint problems especially if it oxidizes and becomes green. There is a treatment with copper which is supposed to promote the restoration of lost cartilage, alleviate the pain connected to arthritis and heal some other joint issues. Again, this hasn’t been scientifically proven, but some practitioners say that it helps with sole and swollen joints.

Balances the thyroid function
The thyroid gland produces one of the most important chromones which are essential for the normal function of the body. The disorders connected to it are often associated with copper deficiency in the body. The result of these issues is mood swings, changes in weight, and fluctuation of the chromones.

Strengthens the hair
It increases the production of melanin which is essential for healthy hair, thus restoring the health of thin hair. In addition, it can speed up the process of hair growth after chemo, because it enlarges the follicles, thus reducing the time hair needs to grow again.

Improves the health of the skin
The melanin which is essential for healthy hair also helps for healthy skin. Copper promotes the production of healthy skin cells. It is especially useful for skin which is dry and damaged, making it smooth again. Moreover, it increases the production of collagen which is good for the health and elasticity of the skin.

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