How To Lose Weight In Your Boobs In A Week With Exercises + Home Remedies

Can you reduce breast fat? Yes, trust me it is possible for you to have that breast size you desired. With these home remedies on how to lose weight in your boobs in this post, we’ve got covered.

The truth is:

Every woman is directly or indirectly conscious of her breasts.

That is why some ladies’ self-esteem has a connection with their breasts; others believe it to be the only symbol of their femininity.

How To Lose Weight In Your Boobs In A Week With Exercises + Home Remedies


These few reasons and many more related to why many women can go to extreme measures to ensure their breasts are somewhat seemingly perfect.

Perhaps, you fall into the category of these women and are wondering how to lose weight in your boobs.

This article is ideal for you and it will provide all the answers to your questions.

However, there are some women who are happy with the size of their breasts.
Breast Anatomy

The breast is a composition of fat tissues located at the top of the pectoral muscles and formed on adipose tissue and glandular tissue.

These tissues possess hormones receptors which during hormonal changes can cause fluctuation thereby affecting the size of the breast.

When women lose general body weight, the adipose tissue reduces causing the breasts size to reduce as well.

Genetics, birth control pills, pregnancy, obesity and hormones such as estrogen and progesterone also affect the size of breasts as well.

People consider the breasts to be large when they appear to be one of the most prominent parts of the body.

In fact:

Big breasts can cause chest pain, back pain, affect body posture, breathing, and even self-esteem.

They also make it difficult to partake in certain exercises or fitting into clothes.

The decision to reduce a breast size should be the woman’s choice as she alone is most aware of the end results.

It is possible to lose weight in your breasts within seven days

But do you know how to lose weight in your boobs?

Let us be realistic,

you can’t expect to go from a D cup size to an A cup size within that time frame, it is unheard of.

But, you should expect to lose half a cup (which would definitely be noticeable).

In addition, consistency or diet changes would lead to a reduction of your boobs to the preferred cup size.

Try one or more of the following methods in order to lose weight in your boobs naturally ;


One of the effective ways to get smaller and firm breast is exercise.

It also tones the shape of the boobs which is an important factor to consider during breasts reduction.

The exercises to lose breast size include yoga, aerobic and cardiovascular exercises.


You have to wear a sports bra that is well-fitted during exercises to allow better body movements and prevent sagging.

Yoga Exercise to Reduce Breast Size

The standing backward bend or “Ardha chakra” is the best yoga poses for reduction of bra cup size.

Try these with other different yoga poses and breathing exercises to get maximum results.
Aerobic Exercises

Engaging in aerobic exercises is another way on how to lose weight in your boobs.

Aerobic exercises burn fat tissues by boosting metabolism activities.

Forms of aerobic exercises include:

  1. Engage in cycling
  2. Climb stairs regularly or exercise on the stair climber machine
  3. Take brisk walks rather than the slow-paced ones.

Cardiovascular Exercise

This reduces the breast size by tightening the chest muscles and targeting fat in the upper body and chest region.

Low-impact cardio such as the treadmill, elliptical trainer and stationary bike are better options for breast reduction exercises.

This is because it might be very difficult for women with big breasts to engage in high-impact cardio like jogging or running.

Try this:

You should do the treadmill, elliptical trainer and stationary bike in 2 or 3 sets (8 to 12 reps each) for desired results.

2. MASSAGE THERAPY( With Breast Size Reducing Oils)

This is one of the oldest ways of reducing breast size.

If you want to know how to lose weight in your boobs fast, you must know to massage your breasts properly.

Now get this:

You must do this properly because massaging the breasts can also increase them.

You must give each breast equal attention when massaging them.

  • How to Reduce Breast Size with Breast Size Reducing Oils
  • Warm an oil of your choice (olive or coconut oil).
  • Make sure it is warm, not hot so you would not get your skin burned.
  • Apply the oil to your breasts.
  • Place your palm on the breasts.
  • Massage the right breast in an anti-clockwise motion for 3 minutes.
  • Massage the left breast in a clockwise motion for another 3 minutes.
  • Repeat this method twice daily for desired results.

Alternatively, you can opt for a breast reduction cream instead.


If you are looking for how to lose weight in your breasts in 7 days, you should try using seeds.

There are 2 major seeds that can help you to at least lose a cup size are flax seed and fenugreek seed.


How to Lose Weight in Your Boobs with Flaxseed

This contains omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce breast size.

You can either drink one tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily or use the seeds itself.

  • To use the seeds you will have to do the following;
  • Grind one tablespoon of flaxseed into a powdery form.
  • Boil a cup of clean water.
  • Mix the ground flax seed in the clean boiled water.
  • Enjoy your flax seed drink daily.

Fenugreek Seeds

I know you are wondering how to reduce breast size using fenugreek seeds.

Well, these nutrition-packed seeds help to reduce breast size and make your breasts firm.

To use the seeds you will have to do the following;

  • Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in a cup of warm water overnight.
  • Grind the soaked seeds into a paste.
  • Apply fenugreek paste to your breasts.
  • Leave to sit for about 10 minutes.
  • Rinse well with lukewarm water.

Apart from flax seed and fenugreek, you can also use sesame seeds and linseed as well.

You can sprinkle them on your salads or blend them into your smoothies.

These seeds bind themselves to the receptors of estrogen and block them causing the reduction of oestrogen in the body.


If you like using herb this remedy is for you to get perfect and lifted breast size.

Herbs are a great way to achieve that dream cup size.

There are 2 of them:

Green tea and ginger, in particular, will help you lose weight in your boobs.
Green Tea for Breast Fat Reduction

Drinking green tea can help to reduce body weight/ breast size because it contains catechins.

These catechins cause stimulation of the body by combustion of calories to cut down the fat in the body.

You can choose to use either green tea leaves or green tea bags which are more accessible.

  • How to Lose a Cup Size with Green Tea
  • Boil a cup of clean water.
  • Add green tea bag or green tea leaves to the boiled water.
  • Cover to allow infusion.
  • Strain the green tea bag/leaves from the water.
  • Allow to cool slightly and sip slowly.
  • You also include half teaspoon of honey to green tea (optional).

Use Ginger for Breast Reduction

It increases metabolism in the body which results in the burning of body fat.

For this recipe, you will need a chunk of ginger, honey, and water.

Drinking 2 to 3 cups of ginger tea every day is how to lose weight in your boobs.

How to Use Ginger for Breast Reduction

  • Rinse one chunk of ginger well.
  • Peel the skin and grate well.
  • Add grated ginger to one cup of clean water.
  • Bring to boil for about 10 minutes.
  • After boiling, allow to cool slightly and strain the ginger out of the water.
  • Add half a teaspoon of honey to the tea.
  • Drink ginger 2 or 3 times a day for quick results.
  • You can exclude the honey if you want.


It is possible that the excess weight in your boobs is as a result of poor diet.


So if that is the case, you have to make various healthy changes to your diet.

This is how to lose weight in your boobs effectively. Incorporate the following changes to your diet:

Also eat fruits regularly especially those that have high water content such as watermelon, apple, cucumber, etc.

Water helps to increase our overall body water and keep the organs functioning well.

Let the majority of your diet comprise of them. Broccoli and cabbage help to minimize excess oestrogen.

Other vegetables which help to curb oestrogen level in the body are asparagus, cauliflower, celery and turnip.

Legumes such as beans, chicken peas, etc and stone fruits such as plum, cherry, and peach contain calcium D glucarate which inhibits the action of enzymes thereby reducing the effect of oestrogen on breast tissue

Add more of these legumes and stone fruits into your diet.

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C which speeds up metabolism in the body helping to burn fat in the body.

They are also sources of D-limonene; a substance that breaks down and removes excess oestrogen in the body.

Examples of citrus fruits are orange, lemon and lime. Consume more citrus fruits to lose weight in your breasts in the long run.

These include oatmeal, wheat, barley, and brown rice.

Fibre binds itself to excess oestrogen in the digestive tract and takes it out.

They are rich in anti-oxidants which flush out excess fat and toxins in the body.

It’s preferable to eat actual nuts than nut products which may contain ingredients that can affect your diet plan.

Nuts are also good sources of protein that reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body.

Sugar increases our blood sugar level which results in the release of a hormone called insulin.

Excess insulin makes the body to store fat making it difficult to break down body fat when you want to lose weight. It also affects the balance of oestrogen in the body.

Alcohol has high sugar content and it stops the functioning of the liver in breaking down oestrogen which means the oestrogen can be redistributed all over the body and reabsorbed.

Therefore limit or avoid alcohol intake.

Processed foods contain chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides which were used in growing or preserving them.

These contain substances that are foreign to the human body and can disrupt the production, transportation, binding or elimination of the body’s natural hormones.


Avoid medications which affect the production of hormones in the body and cause an increase in breast size.

Find out which medications are increasing your breast size and stop using it.

You should ask your doctor for alternative medication. A very example of such medication is birth control pill.


The quickest yet one of the most expensive ways to reduce breast size is by surgery.

If you are not overweight or you have tried the methods above and you did to see results in less than 2-4 months it means that your breast tissue is more dense than fatty.

You may have to consider surgery because diet, exercise or massage does not affect dense tissues.

But remember this:

You would need to consult a doctor who has expertise in breast reduction surgery.


Now that you know how to lose weight in your boobs in as fast as 7 days, ensure you follow all these methods.

Remember that consistency is key and strict adherence to the methods, exercises and diets will yield desired results.

Also, consult your doctor from time to time to make sure you are doing the right thing and to ensure desired results.

Kindly share this article on how to lose weight in your boobs with your friends and family members who might just need it.

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