10 Signs He Loves You More Than You Think He Does!

Girls, let’s face it. Guys might not be champs at expressing their emotions but that doesn’t mean they feel them with any less intensity than we do. At one point every girl tends to wonder ‘Does my boyfriend really love me as much as I love him? Or is he just being nice or something?’ Allow us to clear your doubts! Here are 10 signs he loves you more than you think he does.

10 Signs He Loves You More Than You Think He Does!

1. He treats you with respect

Love without respect seldom survives. He loves you but more than that, he respects you, your choices and who you are as a person. He doesn’t demean, insult or undermine you in any way. In fact, he looks up to you, just like you look up to him!

2. He gives you your space…

He doesn’t go all Sherlock Holmes on your Facebook account or your Whatsapp or anywhere else for that matter. He gives you the space you need and doesn’t feel the need to quiz you about your whereabouts or your company every time you go out without him.

3. But sometimes also gets a tad jealous. It’s kinda cute!

When he sees a guy hitting on you or eyeing you admiringly he gets little pangs of jealousy which he tries to hide, but fails to, most of the time. You know he trusts you and that this is just a natural feeling to have. It’s sweet, isn’t it?

4. He gets along with your bestie and remembers his/ her birthday!

He knows this person means the world to you and he makes an effort to get along with him/ her. He is thoughtful when it comes to remembering his/ her birthday or selecting a gift for him/ her. Your bestie gets along with him well and that’s sayin something!

5. He isn’t reluctant to snuggle with you when you are on your period.

He knows you may be a ball of emotions during that time of the month and he does everything he can to keep you warm and fuzzy. Oh, and he always has chocolate!

6. He supports your passions and ambitions… Even if they sound a lil’ whacky to him!

You love heavy metal and he doesn’t know the first word about it... But he will still get you concert tickets because he loves you. He does not undermine your career choices in any way and in fact, encourages you to do what you love!

7. He listens.

Really listens. He doesn’t surf the web or go through his whatsapp while you are talking to him. He gives you honest answers and offers an unbiased opinion when you need him to. Else he is just happy to be there for you too!

8. He talks about his future with you… And you are very much a part of it.

He uses words like ‘we’ and ‘our’ instead of  ‘I’ and ‘my’. This little thing actually means a LOT, trust us.

9. He doesn’t ‘breakup’ with you every time you guys have a fight.

He doesn’t use the word ‘breakup’ every time you bicker about something. Even when you do have a serious fight he makes an effort to reconcile and figure things out.

10. Even if he doesn’t say it all the time, he really means the words ‘I love you’ when he says them.

Go give him a hug already! He's really, really does love you a lot.

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