10 Signs He Doesn’t Love You, He’s Using You

There is already the man whom you love very much In your life, but does his attitude to you is not the same as yours to him? If you can not understand in any way whether your man is in love or he is just using you, then this article will definitely come in handy for you.

10 Signs He Doesn’t Love You, He’s Using You

Women who believe that their feelings are enough for both, are very mistaken. After all, when a man is in love, he is ready to turn off the mountains for his woman. However, otherwise his attitude will never allow his woman to feel happy.


Do not forget that when a man is in love and does not use you, he even looks differently. Being in the company of his friends, this man does not hesitate to show his feelings, throw on interested views at his woman.

Look through these ten signs he does not love you, he is only using you:

#1. He always wants you to do something for him. He is very selfish.

#2. He thinks of you only when it is night. All the rest of the time he is busy for you.

#3. He does not care how was your day or what you are doing in your life.

#4. He does not put any effort to improve your relationship. He is satisfied with everything.

#5. He does not make plans for the future and can cancel your appointment at the last moment.

#6. He changes his attitude to you very often. One day he can say compliments to you, and the next day he can even forget to text you.

#7. He changes his behavior when his friends are near. He does not pay attention to you.

#8. He just tells you what you want to hear. To tell the truth is not about him.

#9. You do not have private conversations and every time you start to talk about your relationship he becomes very angry.

#10. He does not respect you. He does not respect your family or friends, because you mean not much for him.

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