Simple & Most Popular 3-Day Tuna Diet for Weight Loss

Are you overweight and want to look slim and shapely for an upcoming event? But you do not have that much of time to go to the gym or do dieting for a month to shed few pounds. Worry not as there is the amazing tuna diet that promises to help you to lose 10lbs in just 3 days!

Simple & Most Popular 3-Day Tuna Diet for Weight Loss

This low-calorie 3-day tuna diet helps the user to lose weight rapidly. So, you can follow this diet if you want to lose weight with a very short period of time.

Apart from weight loss, this 3-day tuna diet also provides other health benefits, such as lowering the cholesterol level and increasing the energy level.

This diet is also popularly known as 3-day 10 lbs diet or 3-day chemical breakdown diet.

How Tuna Diet Can Help You to Lose Weight

Considered as a healthy food, tuna has a lot of vital nutrients for a healthy body. Tuna contains a high amount of protein but very less amount of calories which makes it a perfect food that can help one to lose weight considerably.

The protein content in tuna provides amino acids that help the body to build the muscle tissue. This process, in turn boosts the metabolism.   And we all know that higher metabolism rate helps one to lose weight fast.

The consumption of tuna offers a thermic effect to the body. Tuna is a good source of protein and it cannot be digested easily. So the body burns more calories to break down the protein. So, consuming protein-rich food always helps one to lose weight.

Tuna is also a good source of omega 3 fatty acid, which helps to control your weight and regularize the insulin production of the body. It also controls the production of leptin hormone that keeps the body weight in control.

Apart from all these weight-reducing properties, tuna also contains some other essential nutrients, such as Vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium.

3-Day Tuna Diet for Weight Loss
Lose weight in just 3 days! Isn’t it amazing? People who want to lose weight as soon as possible, the 3-day tuna diet comes as a real wonder. To lose weight by following this diet plan, you will be successful in your weight loss regime in a healthier way for sure as tuna is considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Day 1:

  • One cup of coffee or tea (add honey in the place of sugar to decrease the calorie count)
  • One slice of toast with peanut butter
  • Half a  grapefruit


  • Half a cup of tuna
  • One slice of toast with 2 tsp of peanut butter
  • One cup of black coffee or tea


  • One small apple
  • A piece of skinless chicken breast
  • One cup of green beans
  • One cup of sugar beet
  • One bowl of low-fat ice cream

Day 2:

  • One cup of black coffee or tea
  • One slice of toasted bread
  • One poached or boiled egg
  • Half a banana


  • One cup of tuna
  • Six crackers
  • One cup of black tea or coffee


  • Half a banana
  • One cup of broccoli
  • Half a cup of carrot
  • Two hot dogs
  • Half a cup of low-fat ice cream

Day 3

  • One cup of black tea or coffee
  • Low fat cheddar cheese
  • One apple
  • Five crackers


  • One hard-boiled or poached egg
  • One slice of toasted bread


  • One cup of tuna
  • One cup of cauliflower
  • Half a lemon
  • Half a cup low-fat ice cream

Things You Need To Follow When You Are On Tuna Diet

Tuna diet promises the person to lose 10 lbs only in 3 days. There will be drastic weight loss following the diet during these 3 days. So it is utmost important to follow certain cautions so that you will not damage your body while following this diet.

  • You should never follow this diet more than 3 days. This is a very low-calorie diet and is meant for quick weight loss. Following it more than 3 days may cause some serious concerns to your body like anemia. It is necessary to return to your normal diet after 3-day tuna diet.
  • You should follow the food plan as prescribed. Do not eat more nor the less. Take exact portions.
  • During these 3 days drink 8 glasses of water or non-caloric drink.
  • Use as little salt as possible as tuna is a rich source of sodium and consuming more salt may increase the sodium content in the body.
  • If you are allergic to some of the food items in the tuna diet, then it is advisable not to go for this diet.
  • Always go for tuna canned in water instead of oil as it contains fewer calories.
  • People suffering from heart diseases or having any other medical complications should refrain from following this 3-day tuna diet.
  • It is advised to take multivitamin tablets during these three days to prevent any vitamin or nutrient deficiency in the body.
  • As per the recommendation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, pregnant women and young children should not eat more than 12 oz. of canned light tuna as tuna fish contains a high amount of mercury.

Tips To Keep Control of Your Weight

Tuna diet decreases the carbohydrates in the body (carbohydrates make your body to retain water). When you are in tuna diet, you may lose water weight due to limited carbohydrates. So when you stop this tuna diet and come back to your normal diet after 3 days, you may regain water weight due to the normal amount of carbohydrates in the body.

Tuna diet is most beneficial for those who want to lose weight as quickly as in 3 days. You cannot deny the fact that you may regain weight after stopping this diet. So, it is equally important to keep your weight in control and maintain a healthy body so that you do not have to follow any fad diet to lose weight.

You can very well maintain a shapely body if you follow certain important things in your daily routine.

  • Include more fibre-rich food in your diet. Eating fibre-rich food makes you feel full for longer period of time. Eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • Always go for whole fruit instead of fruit juices and drinks as fruit juice has less fiber in comparison to whole fruit.
  • Including low-fat dairy in the daily meal helps in a great way to lose weight.
  • Skipping your breakfast is a complete no-no if you want to control your weight. So eat your breakfast daily as it helps in the long-term weight loss goals.
  • Exercising daily for at least 30 minutes will also help you to control your weight gain issue by burning few calories. And at the same time, it will also keep you fit.
  • Make a meal plan. Plan your meal for the day so that you can track the calorie intake. Eat the smaller portion of meals.
  • Reduce the intake of calorie and fat-rich food.

Three-day tuna diet helps the person to lose weight in just 3 days but this fad diet makes the person weak, causes fatigue as well as upset stomach as it is very low in calorie. So instead of following this diet, it is always a healthier option to include tuna in your daily diet. Also, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting any diet plan.

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