Natural Remedy For Whitening Your Armpits, Elbows And Knees

Have you noticed that your armpits, knees and elbows have become darker?

It does not matter that you bathe every day, since it is not due to a lack of cleanliness, but certain habits favor this appearance, but how to whiten armpits, elbows and knees.

Natural Remedy For Whitening Your Armpits, Elbows And Knees


Seeing someone with underarms with a darker shade than their skin is not a pleasant sight. Often refers to an unhygienic or unsightly appearance, without having the power to know that this can radically improve and return the original tone to it, being completely clarified.

Now we can avoid it through a really effective recipe that will clear our armpits and whitening underarms with a verifiable effectiveness!

According to different studies, one of the causes of spots on these parts of the body is the accumulation of dead cells on the skin. Also, they occur when there is a constant friction of the skin with clothing and hard surfaces.

Other habits such as hair removal, use of harmful deodorants, excessive humidity, obesity and hormonal imbalances are the main causes of pigmentation in the elbows, knees and armpits.
If you no longer want to hide these areas of the body, especially in summer, when it’s very hot, discover how to bleach armpits, knee and elbows with proven procedures.

Whitening Remedy

* 2 tablespoons ground flour

* 2 tablespoons of potato juice
* 2 tablespoons of beet juice


  • To start, place the measure of ground flour previously indicated in a glass container, then add the beet juice and the potato juice. Stir consistently until the fuchsia color covers the entire mixture and you get everything to be perfectly homogeneous.
  • Subsequently, take a wet towel with hot water and apply it on each armpit, (this opens the pores) and so you can get the hair out more easily. With the fingertips, apply the mixture on the entire surface of the armpit.
  • It is clear that the benefits of the potato juice is to weaken the root of the beauty, making you have good results when you apply the mixture.
  • With the mixture you must make all the beautiful ones of the axillary area completely covered. Keep the armpit up, so it is ideal that you are lying down so that you do not get tired easily.
  • Once the mixture is relatively dry on the armpit, get a rustic bath sponge and start to remove the dry mixture with it, do it hard to get the desired results. After you remove all the mixture with this type of sponge you will see how the results will begin to be seen from the first application.
  • We will also see how, as the weeks go by, the axillary area becomes clearer in a really noticeable way, and even by the third week the changes will be so noticeable that you will be able to put on the flannel that you dreamed so much, without the risk of seeing unpleasant dark armpits.
  • It is important that you clean your armpits with this special mask, frequently, recommended 3 times a week. This way you will get the look you always wanted and in record time. Forget the shavers, because this will only make the spots appear again.

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