I Was About To Dispose of All My Old Underwears Until I Saw This Trick. Money Saved!

Many girls out there want to go on with a newly purchased sexy halter dress on very special occasions. However, not many are able to do that. Well, the reason behind it is that many out there don’t have a strapless bra to wear and don’t want to shell out an extra penny on making an additional purchase.

I Was About To Dispose of All My Old Underwears Until I Saw This Trick. Money Saved!

 So, most of the girls out there prefers not to purchase any such dress.

Here we bring for you a simple and reasonably priced way to solve this tricky problem. This trick also allows you to give new life to your old and unused inner wears. This indeed fixes two things at the same time!

Scroll down to know further and don’t forget to follow the steps mentioned below:

Things actually required

Here is the list of the things you will be requiring:

-A bra.

-A pair of scissors


-The sewing thread

Let’s get started:

#Step 1

.Hold your inner wear firmly and cut the strap from the rearmost end (where the strap is connected to the rear band of the bra). For more clarity, see the above picture.

 #Step 2.

Now cut the rest of the band going back as near to the casings. The main objective is to get rid of all the net fabric.

#Step 3

Once you are done with the one side, now you need to repeat the same action on the other side as well. But, always bear in mind that you need to cut the strap.

 #Step 4

After this, you need to carefully remove the remaining crown of the bra. In the end, it must keep on that both casings and supports dangling on the top.

#Step 5.

Make use of a pin and try to catch the bottom straps at the bottom of the casings at the point that you feel most comfy.

#Step 6

After Step 5, you need to try out your brand new bra! If the bands are too close-fitting, you can change them in the direction of the outside of the basket. Once you seem fine with the perfect arrangement, you can stitch the band to the casing of inner wear.

So here is the outcome of what you did. See this way you can wear and dress without fear of bra strap peeping out of it and ruining the look of the dress. See the B is actually invisible. Isn’t that easy to do?

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