Turn Drop-dead Gorgeous By Getting Rid Of Those Sagging Eyelids

Do you look into the mirror and see a pair of sleepy looking eyes? The reason may be that your eyelids have sagged a bit. They are medicinally known as ptosis, “drooping eyes”. Age, trauma or medical disorders are the usual causes.

Usually, the muscle responsible for controlling the eyelids loses its elasticity. But the good news is that this is one problem that can definitely be fixed. It can deteriorate your eyesight and is an open invitation to eye diseases. We have compiled a few home remedies that are easy to use and are definitely effective.

Turn Drop-dead Gorgeous By Getting Rid Of Those Sagging Eyelids


Cold Chamomile
Chamomile is a flower akin to a daisy and has been in use for centuries for medicinal purposes. It is an anti-inflammatory that acts against sagging eyelids. Cool down a couple of chamomile teabags after use and place them on your closed eyes for around 20 minutes.

Egg Whites For Proteins
Proteins make sure the muscle controlling your eyelids are strong and tight. Eggs are a rich source of protein and using egg whites can give you firm and tight skin. Clean your face with plain water and pat it dry. Apply a little quantity of egg white on your eyelids and wait for it to dry. Wash off the egg white after sometime.

Ice For Your Eyes

Ice is a sure-fire remedy for all sorts of swellings. Sagging eyelids are swellings in a way. Applying ice helps constrict blood vessels and pulls back those drooping eyelids. Just apply ice cubes on your eyelids and you get immediate results.

Eat Your Grapes

This is one remedy that is eaten, not applied. Grapes contain high levels of a powerful antioxidant and an effective anti-aging ingredient called resveratrol. This makes them a natural remedy for drooping eyelids. Dark grapes are the most effective ones.

Cool As A Cucumber
This is a remedy which we are used to seeing in most videos and pictures related to wellness. The presence of ascorbic and caffeic acid helps reduce swelling and tightens your skin. Take two slices of cucumber and place them over your eyelids. Let them stay for 15 minutes and then remove them. Wash your face before and after treatment.

Exercise Your Eyes
Perform eyelid exercises for at least ten minutes every day, and at least four days every week. This will tighten the loose skin on the eyelids.

Raise your eyebrows and place a finger under your brow bone to hold the skin. Close eyes in several incremental movements and not in one sweeping motion. Hold the position for 5 seconds. You should be able to feel the pull of your lids as you keep the finger in place. Open your eyes and repeat.

Sleep Your Way To Fresh Eyes
All the above remedies will not work if you do not get enough sleep every day. Your eyes rest for every minute that you sleep. Modern life subjects your eyes to more strain than before. In such a situation sleep is of paramount importance to rest those tired eyelids.

Combined together, these natural remedies and exercise for aging, drooping, or sagging eyelids are definitely effective. So before you go in for some expensive treatment, try these at home.

You will surely get some positive results and do not fail to pass the good word around.

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