4 Tricks That Will Help You Silence Your Mind And Get A Good Sleep

It goes without saying that the body needs sleep. Sleep helps us relax, and without it, our body can become host to a lot of problems. In most cases, sleep deprivation is a direct result of us being unable to contain our thoughts during the day. When we have voices in our head and we want to sleep, it gets really difficult to switch them off.

4 Tricks That Will Help You Silence Your Mind And Get A Good Sleep

In several other cases, sleep deprivation is also a result of cell phones. According to Hope Bastine of SIMBA, these beta brainwaves keep the mind extremely alert even when it is supposed to nod off. So, it is usually a good idea to avoid using gadgets while you are about to retire to bed.


Here are 4 more ways to help you deal with sleep deprivation-

Retire To Your Bed An Hour Early

If you usually go to bed at 10 pm, start going to bed at 9. The one hour that you have in hand is strictly ‘me’ time. Use it do something relaxing- listen to songs, write, read, do anything. This will allow your body to carefully slip into the slumber. Since you are not particularly thinking about sleeping, it would get easier for you to sleep. And if you have troubling thoughts in your mind, try talking to someone. Communication helps during sleep deprivation.

A Good Workout Relaxes You
This one is easy- if you workout, you will utilize all that excess energy inside you. Your body will get fatigued, and you would long to rest your head on something soft. Let go of everything that you are trying to control. You will not even realize when you fall asleep. Don’t go for the strenuous ones though.

Don’t Be On The Bed Always
If you have worrying thoughts when you’re on the bed then try getting up and move around. Have a conversation with yourself about why the color of your wall is green. After a bit, you will come back to normal. Your breathing will return to normal and whatever you have been worrying about wouldn’t be a problem anymore. All you need to do is distract yourself.

Be In The Present
None of us have ever seen the future, and no one wants to think of the past. So, why should you worry about the future? These thoughts are leading you to sleep deprivation; there is absolutely no point to think about those things. You don’t know what’s in the future, do you? So why worry about what hasn’t come up yet? It will only make you sick.

Proper sleep is essential for a balanced mind and body. So, use the above tips and get good sleep.

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