What The Shape Of Your Teeth Says About Your Personality

Take a look at the shape of your teeth to know what it says about you. Try for yourself and then check on your friends and family member.

Generally, the teeth are of four different shapes, square, rectangular, triangle and oval. Every shape says a particular nature or behaviour of a person.

What The Shape Of Your Teeth Says About Your Personality


The study of science called morphopsychology helps in understanding a person’s personality by their physical presence. Though the study seems quite difficult to general people, a proper observation and understanding can help in identifying one’s personality.

Know what the four shapes of teeth means and surprise people by letting them know about their personality.

1. Square

Square is known for “all sides equal.” People with teeth shaped like a square are balanced and objective, just like the square. Do you have square teeth? The shape of your teeth is very prominent, and you can’t not observe that shape. You like everything to be in control, and you are quite capable of bringing order in all situations. Not just situations, you like keeping your emotions and feelings under control in all circumstances. Your balanced attitude garners success both in your professional life and love life.

2. Oval

If you have oval teeth, then I am sure you are already shy and slightly anxious about what I am going to say about you. You are, in general, shy and sheepish, particularly in public gatherings. Rather ironically, you might not like the limelight that comes with it, but you have a unique artistic temperament. You are not just artistic but, in fact, ostensibly so. Your creative taste is quite distinct because of your dressing sense and the way you accessorize beautifully from tip to toe. Amidst all this creativity and shyness, there lurks a hint of melancholy. This mixture is you – sensitive, artistic, and melancholic.

3. Rectangular

Like the squares, you too like things to be under control. Of course, this makes you go overboard sometimes and makes you look like a control freak. Nonetheless, you are sure of what you are doing and are not the kind to regret being excessively organized. Also, you have very clear and practical goals in life. You prefer to use your rationale rather than employing the excesses. Plus, you are a great planner (owing to your everything-should-be-under-control attitude.) Although you are practical, you still prefer looking at the brighter side of situations and are full of creative ideas.

4. Triangular

Sharp and dynamic – just like the triangle! You live life with uninhibited enthusiasm. More importantly, the idea of tomorrow never bothers you because you are always in the moment. Probably, this is what makes you all the more dynamic and carefree. Although you don’t think about the future, you are optimistic. Also, you are full of energy, which makes you wander from place to place. You might give an impression to onlookers that you are not rooted, but as long as you get to flow and live unobstructed, nothing else matters to you.

The shape of your teeth not only reveals your nature but also gives away your temperaments and personality. Look for the size and alignment and your habits pertaining to teeth, and look what they are saying about your character.

1. Canines That Are Flat But Curvy At The Top 

If this is how your canines look, you are of the passive personality type. Your passive nature makes you take things casually. However, you are vulnerable to binging and overindulging in eating even when you aren’t hungry. Also, if you find yourself consuming too much of carbonated drinks and binging on foods that aren’t healthy, try and minimize it.

2. Small Teeth

If you have relatively smaller looking teeth, you might have this uncontrollable habit of constantly grinding your teeth. This means that you have an anxious personality. If you have this habit, you most probably bite your nails too. Try having a more relaxing attitude and consciously stop clenching and grinding your teeth since this is a severe self-harm practice that you should stop right away.

3. Prominent Canines

You are the aggressive personality. Your more prominent canines and the less significant incisors signify your aggressive attitude. Teeth grinding is as much an aggressive trait as anxious. When you are angry and frustrated, be wary of your teeth and release them if you find yourself clenching. This will also help you build patience.

Could you even think that a random stranger can look at the size and shape of your teeth and know whether you are a carefree person or you are aggressive in general (and might be secretly planning to murder someone!)? That’s what physiognomy is about. What are your teeth saying about you? Comment below and let me know!

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