Ladies Need To Stop Doing This Things To Their Intimate Parts

The only way to prevent for bacteria, is to take adequate care of your intimate area. Today the market offers lot of products that can improve the health on the intimate areas of women and stop odor.

Ladies Need To Stop Doing This Things To Their Intimate Parts

If you want to take proper care of your body, follow these tips:


This is a method that involves sitting in a chair while smoking a bowl of tea from wormwood combined with other herbs. This Chinese practice actually allows the steam to enter the body, clean the intimate area and the uterus, and hold the infections away from the body.


Numerous women use gels for the intimate area, products that utilize water and cleaning agents, but, according to doctors, you should stay away from these gels, as they can cause infection, lead to infertility, and are linked to numerous health issues. You should only clean the surface of the intimate area. Also, do not forget the rule to always wipe from front to back when you use the toilet and to clean your intimate area using only hot water when you take a shower.

Fragrant soaps and detergents

Soaps are one of the most common reasons for irritation in the genital area in many women, especially teenage girls. Soaps contain chemicals that can irritate the sensitive skin. Moreover, the soap is made to break up oil, and it breaks up the oil that actually protects the skin and causes skin dryness. Thus, remember to only use hot water when you shower. Do not forget these tips and do not forget that taking care of your intimate area is very important.

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