How to Get Rid of Unwanted Underarm Hair

One of the most common reasons that women want to have more hair on their arms is because they want to get rid of unwanted underarm hair. Women often want to remove extra hair because they feel that it can make them seem older than they really are. Unfortunately, there are few solutions to getting rid of unwanted hair in the armpit area. Some women may try hair removal creams and lotions which can be quite messy and do little to help get rid of unwanted hair on the arms.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Underarm Hair


A very popular way of eliminating unwanted hair on the arms is to use tweezers. However, you should never pull on unwanted hairs on your arms, or else it can damage your skin. Instead, pull a steady stream of warm water from the shower head into the armpit area. This makes removal of underarms hair much easier and less painful.

Lift your arm up and hold it with one hand while you freeze a small section of hair away from the armpit. Once you are done, move the tweezers in all directions of your hair growth to get rid of unwanted hair. To be safe, always use an electric model of tweezers for removal of extra hair on your arms.

Another method of removing unwanted hair from your arms is by shaving in the arm pits. It is important that you carefully shave from the elbow joint to avoid nicks and cuts. If possible, shave in a clockwise direction. To remove the most hair, shave the entire arm pit. You will be surprised at how fast you are able to eliminate hair if you practice this method consistently.

Many women also use tweezers to remove underarm hair. However, many people have problems with the way they handle the tweezers when they are going through the process of removal. If you are trying to shave from the upper armpit to the lower armpit, it can be difficult to be sure that you are using the correct tweezers to ensure a smooth procedure.

To shave the arm pits, place the tweezers in the up position as you would if you are going to shave on your face. With your fingers, grip the tweezers between the armpit and your wrist and apply pressure down through the tweezers. If you find that your skin starts to hurt, remove the tweezers quickly. To remove the extra hair from your armpits, make sure to not pull on them with too much pressure.

You can also purchase creams and ointments, which are meant to help with underarm hair removal. These creams work just as well but can be a little messy. To do a good job of removing unwanted underarm hair, you should apply the cream to both sides of your arms at the same time so that you get the maximum amount of moisture to eliminate extra hairs. The best creams are those which contain vitamin E oil, aloe vera, and lavender oil.

If you prefer, you can also consider using natural remedies. Natural remedies are often safer and more convenient options for getting rid of unwanted hair on the arms. Natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and coconut oil can help with removing unwanted hair permanently.

Although natural products are more expensive, they are usually very safe and effective as well. Even if you are worried about allergic reactions, remember that these are very mild compared to other chemicals which are often used in chemical-based products. You will find that a lot of natural ingredients are completely harmless and cause no lasting damage to your body.

Some natural products which can help with removing underarm hair include: tea tree oil, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, and even baby oil. You can find them easily at your local drugstore or natural food store. If you cannot find them at your local stores, you can also purchase them online. It is important that you follow all directions carefully to ensure a safe, clean, effective removal process.

Arm hair removal is not something you should have to live with. There are many methods available which can be used effectively to remove underarm hair.

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