How To Prevent Leg Cramps And How To Never Get Leg Cramps Again!!!

You may went to sleep in your bed. But in case you are too tired, and instead of relaxing of the body and muscles, they are becoming harder and causing you more pains. If the pain is instant and you cannot bear it, that means you have muscle cramp.

How To Prevent Leg Cramps And How To Never Get Leg Cramps Again!!!

Cramp is situation of the muscle, when it is freeze in one position which causes strong, mostly unbearable pain.

It comes unexpected, mostly to those people who are exercising often, or who are physically active.

In most of the cases the cramps are called ‘Charley horses’. The reason for this name is if the cramp is in the calf muscles. The calf muscles cramp is caused by the muscle spasms which is a result of involuntary contractions of one or more than two muscles simultaneously.

There can occur a situation when after the cramp passes you can feel some pain a couple of hours after it. It is kind of serious thing, and you need to find out why they appear.

Once you know what stimulates them to appear and occur, you will reduce the bad things and causers, so you won’t struggle with cramps in future.

In addition to this article, we are going to preset you why cramps are showing, and how to prevent the presence of leg cramps.

Which are the reasons for showing leg cramps?

There can by many reasons for cramps. All of the reasons are from inside the organism. There is not any outside factor that can influence on showing up cramps.
Many inside factors, like lack of calcium, magnesium, and other conditions can cause cramps.

If this condition is very often, then your body probably is telling you that you lack some nutrient, maybe vitamins, maybe water, maybe calcium, magnesium and etc.

In case you are struggling with cramps that you cannot bear the pain, go and visit your doctor, it may be something else.

Another factor which can bring to intensive cramps is too much physical activity. In case you force yourself, and exercise too much, your muscles will cause freeze position, called cramps.

In case you have cramps you may apply how towels, or put the legs in hot water. The water will relax the muscles, and eliminate the cramps.

How to prevent leg cramps?

The first step is to stay hydrated. You need to drink water from 2 to 2.5 liters per day.

You shouldn’t let to be dehydrated. Because with this condition except the craps, you will have many more problems connected with health.

You need to do regular checkups, in case of cramps, you will have low potassium and high sodium levels in the organism. So if you take care of their levels in the organism, you will eliminate the cramps.

Consume foods which are rich in potassium, it will help to prevent cramps.

Next step is the consumption of magnesium. In case you have high magnesium levels, you will never have problems with cramps.

Each of us should consume 300ml of magnesium per day.

Food that we need to consume to prevent cramps:

Fish, dark chocolate, spinach, molasses, nuts, pumpkin seeds, potatoes and many more food which are rich in magnesium.

Secondary leg cramps:

These kind of cramps can occur while you are pregnant, if you exaggerate whit exercising, consumption of specific medications and liver disease.

In case you exaggerate with exercise, you need to consume some magnesium, because you need to relax the muscles in order to avoid cramps.

If you struggle with diabetes, the medication which you will consume can be the causer of showing cramps.

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