The Shape Of Your Nose Tells A Ton About Your Personality!


It is important to mention that Professor Abraham Tamir from the Ben – Gurion University of the Negev in Israel argued about the results of this study and that was published in Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

The Shape Of Your Nose Tells A Ton About Your Personality!

So, take a look at the picture below and find the shape of your nose. Read the information below and write your comments below.

The Nubian nose – This is ‘’unique’’ type of nose in comparison with other shapes due to its length. These people are very curious and inquisitive. Keep in mind that they will never run away from a problem as they will search for some solution. They also are very optimistic and always will help you when you have problem.
The Greek nose – This shape is ‘’unique’’ as it has narrow length and as is straight. It is interesting that its name comes from the sculptures of the Greek antiquity. If you have this shape of nose you probably always want to be the center of attention. That makes you not too open to other people and that is the reason why you have problems with expressing your feelings. On the other hand, you are very loyal.

The Hooknose – This nose shape very often is compared with bird’s beak. Individuals with this shape are very creative and also prepared to risk everything in order to reach their goals. These people always defend their opinions.

The Arched nose – These individuals are in love with their job. They work really hard and that makes them more determined from others.

The Button nose – This shape is the most popular one.  People with this shape always get what they want. Very often they annoy others as these people are very spontaneous in their decisions. It is interesting that they are also determined people.

The Straight nose – These people have strong character. They are calm but if you try their patience they can get really angry. That makes them temperamental and passionate.

The Concave nose – Individuals with this shape are very generous and they are always there for the other people. In case you have some problem, they surely will be next to you. Still, be careful as they can be easy offended or hurt as they are very sensitive.

The Crooked nose – If you have this shape you definitely are good friend and partner as you are really good listener. You are always down-to-earth and you are very dedicated into what you do.

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